Some bins are too good for rubbish and Danish company Vipp is one such brand whose pedal bins we feel a bit squeamish about scraping our leftovers into. Were proof needed as to the iconic status of the Vipp pedal, its latest venture is causing quite a stir across a number of creative industries.

Customised Vipp bins

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Vipp has given the classic 1939 design to a large number of big names in the worlds of design, fashion, art and entertainment and charged them with customising the bins. Not your average blank canvas, the interpretations vary from the simple, subtle and beautiful, to the downright extraordinary (and even sinister in a couple of cases).
We have two favourites: artist Mattia Biagi, who has adorned his Vipp with a teddy bear, soaked in his characteristic black tar; and American designer Jason Miller, who has taken a more refined approach and given his Vipp a gold coating and placed a red light inside, which glows when opened.
More than simply a creative ruse, the project is in aid of charity, or two to be precise: the Food Bank for New York and Chernobyl Children’s Project International. The bins are all currently on show in an installation at The Conran Shop in NYC where bidding runs until Thursday, September 18th, when an evening event will take place at the Winston Wåchter Fine Art Gallery.