Soft sculpture: artist Cody Hoyt swaps ceramics for textiles at Kinder Modern

Soft sculpture: artist Cody Hoyt swaps ceramics for textiles at Kinder Modern

Cody Hoyt is no stranger to new mediums. The renowned Brooklyn-based artist got his start as a ceramicist only after a spontaneous shift from drawing two-dimensional still lifes to sculpting three-dimensional clay vessels.

Now, Hoyt is at it again (albeit just a temporary foray) with a collection of rugs for Kinder Modern, the New York City-based gallery known for its extensive showcase of vintage and contemporary children’s furniture.

The rugs take Hoyt’s marbled vessels – the result of a process-based approach using patterned clay slabs – and transform them into four hand-tufted rugs, made from 100 per cent New Zealand wool.

‘Viv’ rug, by Cody Hoyt, 2017

The result resembles something close to marbled paper, as earthen tones swirl together to form strata-like compositions. While many of the patterns take a page from Hoyt’s distinctly patterned ceramics, the artist also drew inspiration from the earth’s topography and sediment, as well as the repeating waves of an animal’s coat. ‘Translating a sculpture into a broader sensory experience was an exciting evolution,’ Hoyt says.

Light high and low cut carpet piles emphasises the patterns, providing comfort for the eyes and underfoot. Each rug is cut into unexpected geometries, almost as if Hoyt peeled the sides directly off of one of his asymmetrical vessels and laid it on the ground.

The series marks the first in the kM Artist Rug Collection, under which Kinder Modern plans to launch other collaborations in the future. Launching this week, Hoyt’s rugs are available for order exclusively through Kinder Modern, and can be purchased online through their website, via email, or phone.

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