Design Directory 2021: beautiful bedroom furniture

Welcome to the Wallpaper* Design Directory 2021, our edit of inspiring new furniture for every room. Here is our bedroom furniture selection, including the finest beds, bedroom lighting, storage furniture, seating and more

A render showing a bedroom lit with a purple light, furniture includes a bed, marble vanity table, tall wardrobe, armchair and white mushroom-shaped lamp on a copper table.
Artwork: Studio Rotolo. Interiors: Olly Mason
(Image credit: TBC)

Beautiful bedroom furniture is our starting point for a restful sleep space. Minimalist beds for super slumber and luxurious lounging, soothing lighting, a cocooning armchair, discreet storage, a pared-back dressing table and more. The Wallpaper* edit of blissful bedroom furniture is part of the 2021 Design Directory – our annual pick of inspiring new furniture for every room of the house. Rest assured, sleeping easy starts here…

Best beds

‘Byron’ bed by Piero Lissoni for Porro

A cream coloured bed with a back panel in woven raffia with black wooden frame

(Image credit: TBC)

A bed isn’t always just for sleeping – it can be a place to curl up with a book, or to recuperate if feeling low or sick. We can’t think of a better place to retreat to than this bed designed by Porro’s art director, Piero Lissoni. It’s made up of three elements: a padded frame, a cushioned headboard, and a screen fashioned from black-stained ash and straw woven into a graphic black-and-white houndstooth pattern. The screen envelopes the headboard and bed frame to create a cosy alcove, creating a bed that anyone would be happy to spend the whole day in.

Price on request

‘Eclair Petit’ bed by Britta Nehrdich for Zeitraum

A minimalist wooden bed with low headboard upholstered in purple textile. The mattress is also covered in the same purple textile

(Image credit: TBC)

The ‘Eclair Petit’ platform bed, with an integrated slatted base, is characterised by its sleek minimalist form (available in a variety of woods), soft contours, and floating appearance.


‘MyNight’ bed by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti for Lema

A minimalist bed with a cushioned leather headboard. The bed is shown against a large window with white curtains, and the room includes plants on the left and a hanging lighting sculpture on the right.

(Image credit: TBC)

Elegant and cosy, the latest design by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti for Lema features a minimalist base that makes the bed appear like a floating platform. Customisable elements include the cushioned, sofa-like headboard, available in textile or leather upholstery, and the feet that come in two different heights. 

Price on request

‘Atoll’ bed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia

A B&B Italia bed with cream coloured upholstery and slim frame

(Image credit: TBC)

The Atoll collection by B&B Italia is constantly expanding with products to fit new rooms of the home, and the latest addition is the ‘Atoll’ bed. It’s a minimalist, elegant piece with clean, understated lines, defined by the die-cast aluminium legs and a wide selection of textile and leather options for the slim frame and headboard.

Price on request

Bedroom lighting

‘Pao’ table lamp by Naoto Fukasawa for Hay

A white mushroom shaped lamp is shown on a wooden bookcase

(Image credit: TBC)

Inspired by the shape of traditional Mongolian Pao tents illuminated at night, Naoto Fukasawa’s lamp uses advanced LED technology to create a harmonious, atmospheric light source.


‘Chata’ lamp by Goula/Figuera for Gofi

A lamp made of wooden base and white fabric shade, lit up in a dark room and with green foliage on the left

(Image credit: TBC)

Gofi’s designers, Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, are on a mission to bring back lampshades. Proving a warm counterpart to what they describe as the ‘extreme minimalism’ associated with LED technology, the Spanish duo crafted a simple yet elegant LED lamp with a white linen shade and either a natural oak or Sierra Elvira marble base. Viewed face on, the lampshade appears cubic, but it’s surprisingly slender, which allows it to be placed on shallow shelves or near the wall on a table, and also inspired the name ‘Chata’, which means ‘flat’ in Spanish.


More bedroom furniture and accessories

‘FS 46’ console by Felix Schwake

A minimalist marble vanity with round mirror

(Image credit: TBC)

This sleek console, part of German designer Felix Schwake’s Forest Walk collection, is available in Arabescato or Grand Antique marble, and features four super-discreet drawers and a mirror. 


‘Canvas’ cabinet by Norm Architects for L Ercolani

A room with a low stool and half opened wooden cabinet showing shelves inside with books

(Image credit: TBC)

The ‘Canvas’ cabinet makes an elegant statement piece. It features sliding doors and shelves, is available in a variety of sizes, and the front door panels can be specified in your choice of wood or fabric. 


‘Compositional Copper’ side tables by Jeongseob Kim

Geometric copper low table

(Image credit: TBC)

Seoul-based designer Jeongseob Kim’s geometric side tables are made from copper with a transparent coated finish and a subtly sanded texture that can be felt by hand.

From KRW4,600,000 ($4,082) each

‘Cut’ side table by Peter Fehrentz for More

Black wooden low round table with three legs

(Image credit: TBC)

Having studied metal design in Hildesheim, Germany, Peter Fehrentz went on to work as a magazine stylist, before moving into photography, then interior, product and furniture design. For his latest venture, Fehrentz has donned his ‘furniture designer’ cap to create the ‘Cut’ side table for German brand More. Characteristic of his aesthetic, the table is relatively simple in terms of its shape and materials, and the main detail is reserved for the shape of the table legs, which he describes as being reminiscent of a sailing yacht’s rudders.


‘Torii’ armchair by Nendo for Minotti

Round armchair with large cushion, upholstered in grey fabric

(Image credit: TBC)

Japanese design studio Nendo’s armchair features metal legs that nod to the torii, the entrance gate to Shinto shrines in Japan, and padded rounded seats for cocooning moments. 


‘Ulu’ chair by Ara Thorose

A chair made by twisting a tube upholstered in brown textile

(Image credit: Se Yoon Park)

Noting that ‘a circle is limitless, while a square is limited’, Brooklyn-based Armenian-American designer Ara Thorose used an extruded circle as the basis of the ‘Ulu’ chair, which gets its name from the U-turns and L-turns that compose the line paths of each form. In a bid to humanise an inanimate object, he modelled the thickness of the noodle-like shape on the circumference of his own thigh. Each piece is made from steel and foam and upholstered in a wool and silk blend fabric, with a sheen intended to highlight the contours of its curves.

Price on request

‘WG.C1.C’ mirror by Mirrors Collective

An asymmetric mirror with blue and black sections

(Image credit: TBC)

This is one of seven designs in the Wrong Geometries collection from Mirrors Collective, which made its debut earlier this year when founders Reid Hoyt and Valeriy Shvetsov combined their expertise in design and manufacturing to give designers more control over the way their work is made. The collection sees a combination of materials and intersecting lines and planes used to create a series of statement mirrors that can be customised to fit into different interior settings, with colour options that include gold/cobalt and rhodonite/obsidian.


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