Minotti presents Giampiero Tagliaferri’s Supermoon sofa at Salone Del Mobile 2024

Minotti brings its new Supermoon collection to Salone del Mobile 2024, with a unique blend of Milanese and Californian aesthetics

Minotti supermoon sofa
(Image credit: Courtesy of Minotti)

Minotti launches its new Supermoon collection at Salone del Mobile 2024, designed in collaboration with Italian designer Giampiero Tagliaferri. As the latest addition to the brand’s international creative team, Tagliaferri’s work on Supermoon marks the first of his contributions to the Minotti catalogue, drawing on a unique blend of Milanese and Californian aesthetics to deliver a striking offering for this year’s furniture fair.

Tagliaferri’s approach is seated in a longstanding tradition of Italian craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit. After a lengthy and personal introduction to the Minotti family, the designer worked intensively with the brand’s creative team to shape the Supermoon project, deploying on the technical expertise Minotti has honed over generations, whilst bringing his own vision to the fore. As Tagliaferri describes: 'I love the whole process of working with them; both for how strongly the team is involved, and their mastery… It’s an incredible, seamless, and beautiful experience; really like working with family.'

Minotti Supermoon sofa

(Image credit: Courtesy of Minotti)

The resulting collection is an elegant and adaptive work, born from a love of 1970’s style that isn’t afraid to push Minotti’s boundaries, whilst maintaining the high quality of their previous endeavours. Supermoon is a primarily a nomadic sofa piece, featuring an unusual yet stylish backrest shaped to suggest lunar phases, creating a marvellous tension between its rounded form and sharper angles. However, by deploying a modular system of design, the sofa can be reworked into a plethora of flexible configurations, which allow the piece to fit comfortably into a range of homes and lifestyles. With the potential addition of coffee tables, benches and an original armchair, the piece aims to find its place anywhere from resplendent Parisian apartments to sleek LA lounges.

Minotti Supermoon sofa

Minotti Supermoon sofa sketches

(Image credit: Courtesy of Minotti)

A key element of Supermoon’s design is undoubtably its practical and adaptive nature, but the piece also maintains a sense of joy in the discovery of how its modular system can be arranged; one that takes significant inspiration from Tagliaferri’s own journey. Following a love of modernist principles, taking him from his hometown of Milan to California, the designer was struck by the architectural heritage of the United States’ West Coast and the importance of working with light, which became essential to his work. 

This can be seen particularly well in the case of Supermoon, whose conception was spurred by images of light and shadow cast on the surface of the eponymous celestial body, and the natural tension between them. Likewise, his experience of Milan itself has formed an enduring influence, touting the importance of exploring a space and uncovering new ways of seeing familiar elements: 'Milan… It’s a city that’s very private, that you have to discover, since most of its beauty is hidden in its entryways and courtyards… That’s what I am as a person, and then that also became part of my design; there are layers. There is a process when you approach these interiors where you learn about them little by little, because of this stratification.'

Showcased in a variety of configurations at Salone del Mobile 2024, the Supermoon collection is exemplary of Tagliaferri’s philosophy, alongside Minotti’s embrace of new and innovative design approaches. A standout feature, and the spotlight to a rising talent, it simply cannot be missed.

Giampiero Tagliaferri's Supermoon sofa for Minotti is part of the company's Salone del Mobile 2024 display at Rho Fiera, Hall 11


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