Mathieu Lehanneur designs light-filled pied-à-terre at Selene New York

Mathieu Lehanneur’s Selene New York apartment unites classic and contemporary design

Mathieu Lehanneur Selene New York apartment interior
(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

Mathieu Lehanneur has debuted a selection of never-before-seen works as part of a pied-à-terre at Selene New York, with a series of collectible furniture designs also created especially for the project.

It is the latest chapter for Selene New York. Launched in 2022, the space in midtown Manhattan, designed by Foster + Partners and William T Georgis, provides a sun-lit home for a series of residencies – or showcase apartments takeovers, including a previous collaboration between Frenchcalifornia and Google – its undulating floor-to-ceiling glass walls a contemporary draw for designers.

Mathieu Lehanneur’s Selene New York apartment

Selene New York apartment interior by Mathieu Lehanneur

‘Liquid Aluminium’ coffee table and ‘Elephant’ armchair

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

sculptural white chair

‘Hug’ chair

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

Lehanneur celebrates his elegant designs in the Mathieu Lehanneur Pied-à-Terre, uniting classic pieces such as the comfortable ‘Familyscape’ sofas with the technically accomplished ‘Inverted Gravity’ collection. The ‘Inverted Gravity’ dining table and intricate pearl chandelier were created especially for the project, while Lehanneur also here debuts other pieces, including the ‘Elephant’ armchair’s ‘cashfur’ upholstery version, an ottoman version of the ‘Hug’ armchair and the ‘Hug’ chair.

coffee table and low stool in New York apartment

‘Inverted Gravity’ coffee table

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

chandelier above dining table

‘Pearls’ chandelier and ‘Inverted Gravity’ dining table

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

‘We designed this space like that of an imaginary collector. Surrounded by beauty, suspended in the air, like an island in the sky,’ Lehanneur says of the project, which encapsulates his and Selene’s shared aesthetic and focus on detail, together creating a contemporary rethink of New York living.

sculptural mirror in apartment interior

‘Le Passage’ sculptural mirror

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

It is a natural next step for Lehanneur, whose multidisciplinary approach unites architectural, technological and artistic strands. Selene New York, with its panoramic views of New York landscapes and modern rethinking of residences, is a fitting setting for the designer’s work, with no more than three homes on a floor bringing space and light to the forefront.

chair and desk in apartment

‘Hug’ chair and ‘Strates’ desk

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

white apartment interior

‘Inverted Gravity’ bench (by window)

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

curved armchair in apartment interior

‘Elephant’ armchair

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

bench by apartment window

‘Domestic Forest’ bench

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

beanbag seat in white apartment interior

‘Bucky’s’ seat

(Image credit: © Leandro Viana)

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