Marre Moerel’s swinging flame candle uses artful balance

Vita Balanza by Marre Moerel and Santa & Cole has turned candles into a balancing act

Marre Moerel candle on table
(Image credit: Photography: Jara Varela)

Spanish designer Marre Moerel has teamed up with Spanish design brand Santa & Cole to rewrite the candle in Vita Balanza – and showing us a more tranquil way to burn it at both ends. 

Vita Balanza candle by Marre Moerel and Santa & Cole

The newly released double-ended, moving candleholder from Spanish designer Marre Moerel is nothing short of poetic. Its name, Vita Balanza translates from Italian to mean ‘life balance’ and the symbolism of ‘two flames searching for each other’ inspires romanticism. The gently moving luxury candles see opposing ends of the structure swing up and down, dropping wax and encouraging a constant ebbing movement.

The piece, designed by Madrid-based interior designer and creative Marre Moerel, adds to her collection of tableware and home accessories that sees everything from space heaters to vases being given new twists. For the Vita Balanza candle, she worked in collaboration with the design team at Barcelona-based Santa & Cole to reflect on the candleholder’s form.

candle on table

(Image credit: Photography: Jara Varela)

The delicately balanced candle frame is made from silver-soldered brass, giving it a glossy gold finish. A two-pronged fork extends from its slender tray, and holds a curved footing for the candle to sit in, which Santa & Cole sell. The candleholder comes deconstructed, allowing for ease of delivery and demonstrating the simple, easy-to-assemble structure.

With the candle’s artful design in mind, the simple feature of a moving flame and the slowly-building drips of wax transform it into a tool to induce calm, seeming to double up as a moving artwork and light source, and emphasising romanticism in interior design.;

candles on table

(Image credit: Photography: Jara Varela)

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