Antonio Citterio's new chair for Flexform is a traditional piece with contemporary twist

‘Lauren’ chair, by Antonio Citterio, for Flexform is among our Salone del Mobile 2024 highlights, featured in May Wallpaper*, on sale 11 April

Antonio Citterio Flexform chair
(Image credit: Courtesy of Flexform)

The manufacturing hotspot of Meda, in northern Italy, is the birthplace of both leading designer Antonio Citterio and furniture giant Flexform. For the past 50 years, they have been working together to produce pieces such as the iconic ‘Supermax’ leather sofa. ‘Running through every Flexform product is a common thread: they are immediately recognizable pieces of furniture, designed for everyday life and always easy to use,’ says Citterio.

Among their latest creations is the ‘Lauren’ folding chair, presented during Salone del Mobile 2024, a traditional piece with a contemporary twist for which every detail has been carefully thought through. Its structure is made of solid hand-turned and finished wood, while all of the small metal parts, including the cute little feet, were custom-designed.

Lauren chair for Flexform

(Image credit: Courtesy of Flexform and Antonio Citterio)

The elegant armrest, seat and backrest are made of metal clad in cowhide, which requires highly skilled craftsmanship. A particularly charming element can only be spotted from the back: the backrest features a unique row of large cross-stitches that hold the leather panel together.

‘This is an outdoor piece that has been reinterpreted for the indoors, thanks to the use of materials like cowhide and cord,’ explains Citterio. ‘ The essence of the ‘Lauren’ armchair is travel – a nomadic object that embodies the appeal of exploration, moving from place to place. A lightweight, timeless structure.’

Thanks to its svelte lines and meticulous tailoring, the ‘Lauren’ armchair comes with an unmistakable personality, wherever it is used in the home. It would be a great match for Citterio’s elegant ‘Gregory’ seating system, which features a metal base with exposed leather straps that creates a stripy effect.

Flexofrm, Via della Moscova 33, Milan

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