2024 Pantone Color of the Year is looking deliciously peachy

Peach Fuzz is Pantone Color of the Year – time to refeather your nest in a comforting hue?

Pantone Color of the Year Peach Fuzz represented by render of bird in a peach next of fabric
‘PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz’
(Image credit: Courtesy of WeWantMore)

It looks like the new year is going to be peachy, as the Pantone Color of the Year is announced. The 2024 colour ‘PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz’ strikes a perfect balance between pink and orange, a velvety combination that evokes calmness.

Taking over from 2023’s ‘Viva Magenta’, Peach Fuzz is a light and airy hue that, according to Pantone, signals tactility, comfort, and warmth. A partnership with Ultrafabrics, the colour is presented in a rendered image (above) that suggests a sense of connection with the natural world. 

Room decorated in Pantone Color of the Year Peach Fuzz

(Image credit: Courtesy of WeWantMore)

Through careful consideration and trend analysis, Pantone has long set the global benchmark for colour trends. ‘The Pantone Color of the Year 2024 in its essence fosters community and collaboration. We are excited to continue our work with industry leader Ultrafabrics to explore the application of the [colour] in the interior design world and beyond,' says Elley Cheng, vice president and general manager of Pantone.

In the year that both Pantone and Ultrafabrics are celebrating a quarter century of inspiration and innovation, a series of global interactive events titled ‘The Nest’ will continue the brands’ collaboration. They will share expertise on how the Pantone Color of the Year can be implemented in a variety of spaces, and also work to inspire designers with new ways to approach and utilise any colour, Peach Fuzz or otherwise.

Let’s look forward to a peachy 2024.

Pantone Color of the Year

(Image credit: Courtesy of WeWantMore)

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