Tech-heads and coffee aficionados alike are buzzing about a new coffee capsule machine out of Singapore, known as the Morning Machine. 

Conceived by two pioneers of Asia’s specialty coffee movement – Leon Foo, founder of Singapore’s PPP Coffee, and Andre Chanco, co-founder of the Philippines’ Yardstick Coffee – the machine is outfitted with so many features and in-built devices that you will be left to wonder how you ever thought coffee was as simple as some granules and water. 

morning machine coffee maker in black on tabletop

Take, for instance, the machine’s PID (proportional integral derivative) temperature controls. Coffee experts will know that a higher brewing temperature yields a more bitter taste, while cooler temperatures result in greater acidity.

While the optimal temperature for a standard espresso is between 90 and 96°C, other capsule coffee machines currently on the market tend to go only to 86°C. Morning Machine’s PID temperature controls, however, allow you to brew anywhere between 65 to 98°C, so you can create the perfect cup of coffee according to your personal taste. 

Additionally, fastidious features include a pressure profiler that controls the pressure of the water for different tastes, and a built-in scale that ensures the perfect ratio of espresso to cream. A built-in water meter alerts when water is too mineral-heavy, and an automated cleaning cycle does the wash for you. 

morning machine coffee maker in black on tabletop

The machine also has built-in Wi-Fi that allows it to connect to an app filled with recipes developed by partner roasters to replicate café-quality coffee quality. 

Those who find all of these features slightly overwhelming can simply brew Morning Machines ten default recipes, such as ‘Bloom & Brew’, its flagship espresso; long coffees; filter brews; and even a ‘Kyoto Style Slow Drip’.

The Morning Machine could be a dream come true for coffee lovers, although be warned – it’ll have you drinking so much caffeine, you may never actually dream again. §