From virtual sunsets to supplements designed for astronauts, there are plenty of innovative ways to receive the health benefits of sunshine even if weather and lockdowns are keeping you in. Below, we outline some of the best fixes for sun-deprived skin and winter induced gloominess. 


Virtual reality wellness apps have steadily grown in popularity this year, with more people looking to escape to faraway destinations without actually going anywhere. Spa’s like LA’s Lifehood offer massage therapies accompanied by a VR experience of a California sunset and CBD gummies.  

For a more artistic take on nature-turn-technology, artist Olafur Eliasson has created his own version of a digital escape hatch with his project ‘Wunderkammer’. Available to download on your phone, the project transposes elements of the natural world, like a burning sun or misty cloud, onto any interior setting.

Those looking to bring a little sunshine into their home need only to press a button to let the light in. The virtual sun’s rays can then be used to charge their ‘Little Sun’, a portable solar lamp Eliasson launched in 2012. 


Famed for their black diamond facemasks and cryogenic therapies, 111Skin has always thought outside the box when it comes to skincare. The brand’s Radiant Skin Beauty Dose is inspired by the supplements given to astronauts to protect their skin from the extreme environmental changes of outer space without its usual dosage of sunshine and fresh air. 

More dynamic than your typical Vitamin D supplement, these tablets use a unique blend of vitamins A, C, and E to trigger the body’s repair mechanisms and generate a natural radiance that’s difficult to achieve without sun exposure. 


Makeup artist Kristin Kjaer Weis began her own beauty line after she recognised the destructive effects standard products were having on the skin of models she worked with.

Preempting the recent trend of skincare-as-makeup, Kjaer Weis launched in 2010 with a range of foundations, blushers, and bronzers that simultaneously repaired skin while covering up past damage. The key ingredient of the brand’s signature Face Oil is the ‘Root of Light,’ an herb native to China that is believed to restore Qi, or the body’s inner energy flow. §