The Barbican art gallery, will play host to a new exhibition on 10 June designed specifically to highlight the significant role surrealism has played in architecture.
Installed by acclaimed architects Carmody Groarke, The Surreal House brings together over 150 works, intimating the relationship that first generation Surrealists such as Dali, Duchamp and Giacometti had with architecture, or more specifically the house, in their collective imaginations.
The lower galleries will be used to represent the inside of a house, reflecting a labyrinth journey through varying rooms which will be defined by varying degrees of sound, light and installations, all designed to affect the senses.
The exhibition is further accentuated by cinematic portrayals throughout of houses being transformed, either through dream-like arrangements or by physical attack, concluding with a sequence taken from Andrei Tarkovsky's final film - The Sacrifice - in which he sets fire to his house in an act of self-destruction.
The Surreal House exhibition will run from 10 June to 12 September. The house itself is also the location for Wallpaper's latest fashion shoot, which can be viewed in our October issue.