A rather intriguing architecture magazine has caught our eye of late.
Founded by Björn Hekmati and Adeline Seidel at the architecture department of the Darmstadt Technical University, 'Generalist' is a bi-annual publication that explores current issues and theoretical ideas in architecture and urban design.
If you are thinking: 'big yawn' at this point though, you would be mistaken. As its name suggests, Generalist has a multidisciplinary approach, which aims to take the debate to a broader audience. It reaches, say the founders, 'beyond the confined fields that architectural magazines usually cover'.
In the current 'Use and Habit' issue, for example, they concentrate on what happens when architecture is used and the stories that unfold between private and social space. Contributions by a range of (mainly German) contemporary thinkers, such as the theorist and musician Christopher Dell or the sculptural design professor Tina Haase, alongside wonderfully raw photo essays in a themed, discussion format make this food for thought of a most digestible kind.