Time after time: Juan Gatti’s darkly tropical dome installation at Faena Art

Time Capsule
Time Capsule, by Juan Gatti, is unveiled in Miami during Art Basel
(Image credit: press)

The Faena Arts District’s big unveil during Art Basel Miami Beach has turned into one of the central party destinations this week. Out on the beach in front of the property, a geodesic dome on the sand. The space, which was decorated by artist Juan Gatti and entitled Time Capsule, brings together public, immersive and multidisciplinary works.

The pattern Gatti designed that wraps around the entirety of the dome embodies Faena’s lush aesthetic. ‘The reptilian bodies in the print decorate the dome with a choreography that transforms into scenography,’ said Gatti. ‘Every time I see the dome I imagine all these animals dancing a macabre tropical conga. As Ximena would say something “dark tropical”.’

‘We conceived Time Capsule as a space for us to explore previous projects and their future iterations, to advance innovative digital forms and host performances and immersive experiences throughout Miami Art Week,’ said Ximena Caminos, artistic director and chair of Faena Art. ‘It's great to see for instance the 360-degree video of the processional performance Tide by Side, which took place in November, for those that couldn't actually be with us we are able to expand time in order to share the experience in a distinct form and share documentation with our future audience.’

The dome opened on Tuesday night with a party sponsored by Persol and Papyrus for The Daily Front Row’s Miami edition, continued on Wednesday with a party for Artsy sponsored by Gucci, and went on last night with a special performance by rapper Kendrick Lamar for American Express Platinum.


’Time Capsule’ is on view until 4 December. For more information, visit the Faena Art website


Faena Beach at 32nd St


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