To ogle the best looking models in Milan at the moment, you won’t have to crash a catwalk, nor loiter around smoke-clouded San Babilia. Just head to the Prada Foundation for the exhibition of
American conceptual artist John Baldessari’s ’The Giacometti Variations.’
Clocking in at 15ft tall and with waists the size of their necks, Baldessari’s nine female sculptures owe their emaciated silhouettes to Giacometti and their quiet poise to Degas. But their height is all Baldessari. ’It’s sort of like science fiction,’ the artist told us. ’You know, the image of that freaky 60ft woman.’
The fear factor here comes not only from these mannequin’s monumental size, but also their blown-up clothing and accessories from clown shoes and Rapunzel braids to a sweeping velvet cape which will change twice during the exhibition’s run through to 26th December, 2010.
Though he conceived such sartorial frills as a sweeping fuchsia couture bow and bell-shaped, stiff crinoline, the 70 year old artist was quick to point out he’s no fashionista. ’But maybe this is my inner self coming out,’ he added.
A nod to Prada (who produced not only the bronzed sprayed sculptures but also the accessories) came in the form of a giant nylon bag slung around one model’s shoulder with a mini statue popping out of the bag. ’Isn’t it cute?’ Baldessari remarked. ’It’s like bringing home an Oscar.’