Hyères announces its 35th edition photography finalists

Hyères International Festival Fashion and Photography returns with a forward-thinking panel of judges and finalists

Man posing for photo
(Left) Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Dustin Thierry. (Right) Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Kata Geibl
(Image credit: Dustin Thierry,finalist Kata Geibl)

For its 35th edition, the Hyères International Festival Fashion and Photography has announced a line-up of renowned judges and its chosen finalists who are creating new styles and narratives in the industry. Hyéres founder Jean-Pierre Blanc has consistently provided a platform of support through awards and exhibitions, and the festival is regarded as the oldest competition for young international photographers and designers.

This year, revered photographer Paolo Roversi is the guest of honour in Hyéres’ photography jury. Best known for his striking, intimate portraiture and classical visual language – from fashion editorials to portraits of Hollywood actors and photojournalism – Roversi is one of the industry’s preeminent image-makers. 

A self portrait of Paolo Roversi

Hyères International Festival Fashion 

(Image credit: judge Paolo Roversi)

The jury – which also includes Vogue Italia photography editor Chiara Bardelli Nonino and Dior’s director of publishing Jérôme Gautier – met in Paris, at studio Luce in January, in order to chose the ten finalists of the competition, from 700 entries across 50 nationalities.

The finalists of the 2020 photography competition are...

  • Clémence Elman – France
  • Alina Maria Frieske – Germany
  • Kata Geibl – Hungary
  • Laurence Kubski – Switzerland
  • Andras Ladosci – Hungary
  • Chase Middleton – Australia
  • Stefanie Moshammer – Austia
  • Andrew Phelps & Paul Kranzler – USA / Austria
  • Dustin Thierry – Curaçao / The Netherlands
  • Guanyu Xu – China

Hyéres also offers a Grand Prix prize worth €20,000, and the Wallpaper* New Generation Prize. The winner of the latter gets the opportunity to shoot a fashion editorial for the magazine’s print edition, as well as receiving a digital profile here on Wallpaper.com. Last year’s winner Alice Mann turned her lens to performance art group Stasis, who took to the floor in frills, frocks and florid hues in our January 2020 Next Generation Issue.

On top of supporting rising photographers, Hyéres has a range of fashion-based awards championing burgeoning talent in the competitive industry, with a stellar jury presided over by Jonathan Anderson. The 2020 Hyéres International Festival of Fashion and Photography will take place between 23 -27 April, with exhibitions of the work continuing until 24 May.


Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Guanyu Xu

(Image credit: Guanyu Xu)

Nude man

Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Ladocsi Andras

(Image credit: Ladocsi Andras)

Green door

Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Chase Middleton

(Image credit: Chase Middleton)


Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Frieske Alina

(Image credit: Chase Middleton)


Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Stefanie Moshammer

(Image credit: Stefanie Moshammer)

Tool kit

Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Phelps Kranzler

(Image credit: Phelps Kranzler)


Work of Hyères Photography Award finalist Kubski Laurence

(Image credit: Kubski Laurence)