In a bid to outwit stringent Brazilian custom laws and restrictive tax incursions, KK Outlet (the London home of Amsterdam-based creative agency KesselsKramer) will this month play host to a Transatlantic exhibition with a difference.
Shunning the internet in favour of a medium we thought had perished with the perm, fax machines are to play a central role in KK Outlet’s upcoming show - Fax-Ex Machina - which has enlisted four UK-based artists, four Brazilian artists and six fax machines for one three week-long exhibition.
A collaborative project between KK Outlet and Brazilian ‘artistic refuge’ Autista, three fax machines will take residence in the London-base, with an additional three in-situ at Sao Paulo’s POP Gallery.
The exhibition will open with a one-off, live art exchange between the Brazilian and British artists, with work from Ramon Martins, Eduardo Recife (Misprinted Type), Elisa Sassi and Carlos Dias sent from the South American side and pieces by Andrew Clark, Billie Jean, Mcbess and Jimmy Turrell sent from the UK.
An additional fax machine will also be placed in the window of KKOutlet for the duration of the show, inviting creatives from across the globe to send in their own submissions - with the best to be included in the exhibition.
Blue sky and potentially groundbreaking, the faxed work will be on display at both the KK Outlet and POP until March 26. To send in your own work for consideration, please fax KK Outlet on 44.20 7739 0396.