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We're grateful for the bounty of eclectic graphic design styles we come across over at W* HQ, but sometimes we're left craving for a bit of pared down minimalism. Therapeutically taking things down to the bare font, Edits by Edit is a series of 13 screen-printed limited edition numbered posters, each one representing a musical genre. In the spirit of graphic detox, designers were given a strict brief that they could only use one element and one typeface.

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The series is the launch project of Edit. a studio set up by New York- and London-based designer Nitzan Hermon, and is the moniker under which he does all of his creative work.

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Inspired by the series of modernist TV prints created by Albert Exergian for Blanka, Hermon decided the concept would work well if applied to music genres, a subject close to his heart. Apart from immersing himself in print and digital design, typography and the occasional conceptual code work, music is in Hermon's background - a big preoccupation at that as he also runs his own record label, Fine Art Recordings.

Enlisting the help of designers who had the right styles to execute the poster concept, Hermon pulled the project together in just under a year. The resulting work is simple but effective, and the tongue-in-cheek science diagram style graphics tick all our boxes.