Our annual Architects Directory took a different turn this year. After carefully selecting the top 30 emerging practises from around the world, we asked them each to create a concept house. Tying in with the August issue (W*125) when we introduced the 30 to you and photographed the models in Chipperfield’s renovated Neues Museum in Berlin, we showed the portfolios of each practise in our online Architects Directory too.
Watch the video
Now we’re taking to the road, models in hand, to The 4th International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam, to present our edit in an exhibition – ‘Wallpaper* future 30’. Exhibiting the concept houses in the Chabot Museum, Rotterdam’s modernist masterpiece, was our goal – but first we needed to make the models.
DMC London at the Bartlett School of Architecture is where it all took place and we travelled down, camera in hand, to see it all take shape…
Come back soon for news of the exhibition itself and our round up of the biennale.