Jan 2016

Style special

Limited-edition cover by Joseph Kosuth


We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

Selected gallery

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Karl Andersson & Söner / Kaschkasch
Price on request

Cavetto is the new durable and sustainable shelving unit from Scandinavian designers Karl Anderson & Söner. Created in Husqvarna, Cavetto takes its name from the smooth, moulded edges that allows the shelving to be configured in endless variations. Created from solid wood, the back and side panels can be inserted between the shelves without the need for any fittings. Providing even more flexibility, Cavetto can be placed against a wall, positioned as a room divider, or used to build a room within a room thanks to the dual aspect drawers and shelf openings.



Tom Fereday / Zenith Interiors
Price on request

Sydney-based designer Tom Fereday launches 'WES', a new furniture collection inspired by the film director Wes Anderson. With seamless, hand sculpted upholstery and a unique timber frame, the only delineation comes from the softly contrasting piping. Known for his obsessively symmetrical compositions, Wes Anderson is the ideal muse for Fereday's range, as individual chairs can be slotted together in perfectly proportionate combinations.



Le Morandine

Le Morandine's 'V' collection, designed by Sonia Pedrazzini, consists of a series of hand-painted ceramic jars, jugs and vases. The shape of the vessels are inspired by silhouettes from artist Giorgio Morandi's still lifes, while the palette maintains the same matt and chalky appearance seen in his paintings. This pigeon blue vase is handmade by Italian craftspeople and bears a monogram that guarantees its originality.

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Samuel Accoceberry / Bosc

Artistically inspired by the Basque sculptures of Eduardo Chillida, these chairs boast contemporary contrasting Kvadrat colours. Designed by Paris-based Samuel Accoceberry, the curvaceous, shell like model stands low on the ground on small walnut or oak legs for a carved finish. Manufactured by Bosc, the model is available in a larger sofa form.



From €289

Standing in simple, yet beautifully sleek balance are these lights by Pool, a design collaboration between Léa Padovani and Sébastien Kieffer. Arriving in three different forms, standing, table and wall versions, all of the lights pair with a solid brass cylinder, in copper, graphite and nickel colours. The geometric contrast of thickness against the delicacy of the lighting itself forms an abstractly pleasing visual play. Cleverly, the lights themselves are modern classics but the finishing touch of the glistening canister gives it the artistic edge.


'Ellis' side table


Crafted from magnificent American black walnut inset with opulent brass strips, the Ellis side table showcases modern luxury but with a nod to the traditional. Its slender legs seemingly defy gravity as they support the solidity of the wood, providing a beautiful contrast between the timeless materials. Designed by New York based KGBL who founded in 2009, the table arrives in solid brass, copper, silicon bronze or stainless steel metals with American black walnut or alternatively, fumed white oak.


Twin bookcase

by Lassen
From £795

These shelves are a fine example of the honesty and cleanliness of Scandinavian design that Danish brand by Lassen represents. Fashioned from lacquered steel and laminate, the minimal unit adheres to a monochrome palette of black, white and cool grey, offering up a modern twist on the traditional wooden bookcase. Available with either two or three shelves, it adapts easily to the space available and can be paired for a refined, graphic combination.


The Vertical Daybed

Kristina Dam

Boasting her classic Scandinavian expertise, Kristina Dam presents this seamless and simple daybed. Created from natural patina leather and an oak structure, the organic hues give the piece a heightened sense of quality. Dam works from her studio in Copenhagen, originally starting as a graphic designer; her aesthetic is usually geometric seen in her various illustrations and sculptures. Here Dam displays her true familiarity with furniture which she creates with warmth.


Crystalline vase

Milan Pekar Studio

Designed by Czech porcelain artist Milan Pekar, this vase is the result of a painstaking glazing process. Simple in shape and proportion, the vases are slip casted from porcelain to achieve the cleanest and purest shape possible, before being applied with Pekar's own unique crystal glaze formula and being blasted at various temperatures. The end product is this tall, vibrant blue matt cylindrical vase, which works equally as vessel for flowers as it does as a sculptural piece.

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'19' series wall ornament


An exploration of a specialised sand-casting technique, this ornament is made of recycled brass at a Vancouver foundry, the oldest on Canada’s West Coast. An unpredictable overspill is encouraged on the rim of each uniquely organic piece produced by Vancouver and Berlin-based manufacturer Bocci. Its high copper content oxidises instantly on contact with air, which produces a highly textured overspill that perfectly contrasts with the smooth interior, hand-polished to a mirror finish.

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Peso Side Table

Holly Hunt
Price on request

For their new Design Miami-released collection, Holly Hunt studio aimed to create tactile, inviting objects that balanced the angular with the circular. This 'Peso' side table was previously only available in black or red lacquer, but now arrives in this increasingly sophisticated marble top and dark wood finish. Evoking the strong American warmth that lives in the Chicago-based brand's ranges, the table is made contemporary by the highly polished stone top, Peso (or ‘weight’ in Spanish). The piece looks and feels heavy, creating a solid impression of quality and luxuriousness.



Michaël Verheyden

This tall marble vase perfectly summarises the aesthetic of its designer, Belgian Michaël Verheyden. Featuring a thick brass ring at its base, the Calacatta marble vase is at once delicate and bold, and its clean lines and uncomplicated silhouette is definitive of Verheyden's minimalist home accessory collection. This piece can be used to display small bunches of flowers, or, in keeping with its simple style, a single stem.

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Glen Baghurst
Price on request

Made from a subtle mix of leather, powder coated iron, ash and mahogany; this armchair's curvaceous bent metal frame mimics a trombone like form. Abstractly designed by Australian-born, Swedish-based Glen Baghurst in soft gentle hues, this is the second in a two part seating-series, the first that is an outdoor folding version.


Mesh Space

Flynn Talbot / Resident

This featherweight lighting feature was created by lighting designer Flynn Talbot who specialises on lighting features as a full experience and how it affects a space. Here the dome-shaped feature is suspended from the ceiling by three delicate power-wires that channel electricity to a halo of miniature LEDs. The result is a warm, atmospheric glow cast on surfaces underneath. Created for New Zealand-based brand Resident, the innovative piece's most delightful aspect is the sieve-like mesh that makes up the dome. The perforated surface reflects and filters the bulb's subtle power, producing a pure yet mellow light that is suitable for any room in the home.


'Les Rivières du Temps' screen

Elliott Barnes
Price on request

Paris-based American designer Elliot Barnes has imagined this supersize abacus that can easily double as a room divider. Carefully crafted from chestnut wood and blown glass, the contrasting materials bring a sense of whimsical warmth to a room environment with the selection of caramel and clear spheres mixing with the rich walnut and contemporary brass base which the piece stands on. The form is modern yet boasting a retro feel with the colour palette nodding to the age-old concept of calculating. 



Raw Edges / Golran

Raw Edges' Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay teamed up with Golran to produce 'Lake', a series of carpets conceived as an a contemporary interpretation of the Persian rug. Exploring optical illusion via an existing op-art lenticular technique, it was the aim of the designers to produce a rug that would reflect the vivid colours of daytime to the less bright shades of the evening, subtly adjusting the mood of its setting through an iridescent pattern. The result, produced by Golran's craftsmen in Nepal, is this hand-knotted wool and bamboo silk rug, which cleverly brings together threads of greens, blues and cream.

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Amoia Studio
From $8,000

Design studio Amoia have been inspired by the spiritual power of stones and crystals when creating their newest collection 'Minerality.' Included in the metaphysical range is a set of drums with a simple yet multifunctional cylinder shape that can exist as seating or a small table. However it is not the shape or functionality which is the main event here but the embellishment which is layered on the piece - Azurite Malachite. Azurite is believed to evoke intuition and spiritual guidance along with psychic power giving the piece a new organic design depth. The drums are handcrafted by brother duo Samuel and Dominic Amoia and is available in different colours and stones; here it is visualised in a plaster blue encrusted with the potent Malachite.


Rhino Tower Shelf

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

This robust shelving system is bought together by polyurethane over wood and powder coated steel to produce its rough plaster-like brutal form. Aptly named 'Rhino,' the heavy sculptural unit was designed New York based Chen Chen & Kai Williams who founded in 2011 after graduating from Pratt Institute. Taking an abstract artwork form, the 'tower' of plates are connected by thick pieces of wood while the base intriguingly sits on two animalistic small legs facing the opposite direction.


'Otto' table

OS ∆ OOS / Please Wait to be Seated
Price on request

Multifunctional design meets innovative materials with the 'Otto' table by OS ∆ OOS. Created in collaboration with Baars & Bloemhoff for 'Transitions' exhibition during Dutch Design Week, this space saving table can be flipped to reveal the different textured veneers from Alpi provided by material masters Baars & Bloemhoff. In addition, the simple framework of the Eindhoven-based designers can be extended to create a double overlapping tabletop. The table was part of a six-designer exhibition and will be available soon from Danish brand Please Wait to Be Seated.



Humberto da Mata
Price on request

These tables by Brazilian designer Humberto da Mata reflect his ethos of 'fragmentation and rebuilding'. Through new research, the São Paulo-based combined geometrically clad dyed cement tiles to form the puzzle-like tops. Grouped in their colour themes, the gradient shades channel the weave-work that Mata produces in many of his collections. Since the designer graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from UNB, he has specialised in an experimental style that creates abstract forms in a world of pattern. 


Vaso barrel

Benjamin Hubert / Bitossi Ceramiche

Part of British designer Benjamin Hubert’s 'Seams' collection for renowned Italian ceramicist Bitossi, the Barrel vase is created using its manufacturer’s expert craftsmanship in earthenware production. The playful vessels boast the designer's shapely techniques seen previously in his lighting, here translating into different sized bottles, jars and vases in bright and pastel contrasting tones.

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Pool / Petite Friture

French design collective Petite Friture have collaborated with Léa Padovani and Sébastien Kieffer of Pool design studio to create 'Grid' - an assortment of modular shapes. The walnut semi-circular tablet, cylinder leather cushions and square cotton cushions are all multifunctional and moveable on the wooden and steel base. A geometric puzzle which also plays with colour in subtle greys and warmer tones, 'Grid' exists as a daybed, sofa and coffee table.



JinSik Kim
Price on request

This geometric project builds on the Korean designer's work for Christofle, that bought together marble and silver to form his sleek Clivage fruit bowls. Here, the ECAL graduate replaces the silver with mirrored stainless steel to produce a table/stool in high and low versions. The polished stainless steel half of each piece is industrially made, while the other half – the marble section – is handcrafted. Up next is a ‘HalfHalf’ console and low table, created in the same materials. Photography: Nils Clauss



A. Jacob Marks / Skram

Launched at New York's ICFF fair this year, the Altai console table – a piece taken from the wider Altai range – is produced by Skram furniture, based in North Carolina. The collection is made up of tables and sofas, all recognisable by their unique steel and timber legs that are separately attached to the pieces. The simplistic form is available in dark and light woods with the natural blemishes that make all of Skram's crafted hand-made products so idiosyncratically attractive.



Tomás Alonso / Cos X Hay
Price on request

Danish design company Hay and Swedish clothing label Cos have joined forces to present a capsule collection of tables that incorporates the two brands’ aesthetics while providing a fresh outlook on their design approach. The two Scandinavian companies have been partners for a few years, with Hay furniture dressing Cos’ stores globally. For the first time this month, pieces from Hay’s collection will also be available to purchase from some of the fashion brand’s stores. The new collection was developed in collaboration with London-based designer Tomás Alonso, featuring the minimal style of the two companies infused with the designer’s ability in working with shapes and subtle touches of colour.


'Mixed Marble Coffee Table'

Brian Thoreen

Brian Thoreen’s pieces are fluid interpretations of furniture. His tables, commodes, consoles and lamps all start from a familiar archetype and end somewhere between an artistic experiment and a bold design expression. The Los Angeles-based designer also works on architectural spaces and installations, always showing a particular sensibility for the composition of materials. This is particularly evident in his mixed marble coffee table, which resulted from an exploration of the random patterns that could be achieved with the brass base elements. The table's mixed marble surfaces were then randomly intersected to achieve its unusual shape, creating an unexpected patterned artwork.


Contour Side Tables

On request

New York design studio Bower was founded in 2013 to afford a free experimental design approach to quotidian objects. Designers Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi combine a passion for functionality with research methods that look outside of traditional design avenues, encompassing anything from nature to childhood memories. Their pair of nesting side table are made from molded plywood, lacquered white to achieve an ultra-smooth finish. A semi circular tinted glass top in different hues contributes to the pieces’ graphic look, making a strong (and customisable) aesthetic statement when the tables are nested together. The designers also offer a variety of bespoke options, with a dozen finishes and five glass tints to choose from.


'Sesann' sofa

Gianfranco Frattini / Tacchini
Price on request

Tacchini is bringing back one of Gianfranco Frattini’s most relevant designs. The 'Sesann' seating system, designed by the Italian architect in 1970, is a combination of free form and rigorous lines that collide with quintessential Italian modernism. The sofa’s shape results from a composition of a soft seating element constricted into a tubular metal frame, which mould its form giving life to the head- and armrests. Flamboyant and at the same time precise, the Sesann is for Frattini ‘just a design synthesis – a thought, a story and an idea: a symbolic manifestation of the best experiences of the past and a proposal for the future of the discipline.’


‘Flip it!’ tables

Marte Frøystad
Price on request

Norwegian designer Marte Frøystad’s ‘Flip it!’ tables suggest a playful approach
to furniture. The classic round table is carved up into a variety of shapes, which can be paired together like a jigsaw or used individually, and the tabletops are reversible, with each side covered in a different coloured linoleum.

‘Ala’ armchair

Sebastian Herkner / La Cividina
Price on request

Sebastian Herkner’s ‘Ala’ seating collection for La Cividina was inspired by decorative plate racks and features a range of sofas and armchairs with detachable armrests. Built on metal or wooden frames, and covered in fabric or leather, they gracefully blend sinuous lines with geometric compositions.