Wellness-focused smartwatches make timely debuts at CES 2023

Wellness rules in new smartwatches from Fossil, Citizen and iTouch Wearables to help with our fitness resolutions

smartwatches by Fossil, debuted at CES 2023
Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition
(Image credit: Fossil)

The focus is firmly on health at CES 2023, the latest edition of the annual tech conference in Las Vegas, with a raft of new releases putting our vital stats front and centre. Smartwatches unveiled this year continue to offer a plethora of options for improving our health, from fitness tracking to more detailed data than ever before. Here, we explore the smartwatches we soon might not be able to live without. 

Smartwatches with a wellness focus from CES 2023


Citizen CZ Smart YouQ smartwatch

(Image credit: Citizen)

Citizen shifts the wellbeing emphasis to prevention in the new CZ Smart YouQ smartwatch, with software that can predict dips in alertness. The tech gets smarter the more it records, learning the wearer’s preferred time to wake and sleep after a week to ten days of monitoring. Custom strategies advising how to remain at peak fitness and deal with exhaustion will ensure a better quality of life, while forecasts for the upcoming days presented 24 hours in advance can ensure wearers are adequately prepared to maximise alert periods.



Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition smartwatch

(Image credit: Fossil)

The Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellness Edition adds handy fitness features to the usual smartwatch functionality, with a new wellness watch face making it easier than ever to keep an eye on your progress. Also offering readings of your blood oxygen, an overview of your cardiorespiratory fitness and a detailed analysis of your heart rate, this will be the ultimate companion for your next workout. 


iTouch Wearables

pink and blue iTouch Wearables Air 4 smartwatches

(Image credit: iTouch Wearables)

iTouch Wearables announced a partnership with fitness personality Jillian Michaels in a move that made it clear what the priority was for the newest smartwatch, the Air 4. In a natural move from the exercise pro, this newest watch will offer 20 different workout modes as well as an improved biometric sensor and a 90-day subscription to Michaels’ The Fitness App. 


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