Shaun Leane rethinks the red ribbon for World AIDS Day

Shaun Leane’s sterling silver interpretation of the classic red ribbon is a stylish way to support the cause

red ribbon brooch by Shaun Leane for World AIDS Day 2023
(Image credit: Courtesy of National AIDS Trust)

The red ribbon, a universal symbol of awareness and support for those living with HIV, has been given a precious twist by jewellery designer Shaun Leane. Leane has brought his distinctive punkish aesthetic to the simple red ribbon, here rethought in sterling silver, its folds cradling a central red pear-shaped Swarovski crystal. 

A special edition of 25 brooches has been created by Leane for the National AIDS Trust, with all proceeds going towards its work in supporting people living with HIV. Leane’s design is available from the trust’s online shop, alongside another limited edition, by designer Lulu Guinness, which stays faithful to the fuss-free outline of the original red ribbon.

Also available are the classic red ribbon itself and clean enamel versions in gold or silver, while a bead brooch and a dog bandana offer offbeat ways to support the cause.

The red ribbon has become a symbolic motif for the HIV cause since it was devised in 1991 by 12 artists who gathered to discuss possible projects for New York HIV awareness arts organisation Visual AIDS. Keen to create a universal symbol of compassion, a ribbon in the bold hue of red felt like a natural choice thanks to its associations with love and the heart.

This piece has been created in time for World AIDS Day on 1 December 2023, and is just one of a series of initiatives conducted around the world to highlight the cause.

The Limited Edition Shaun Leane Brooch is available in a limited edition of 25.

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