Watch straps in grape leather make Mondaine’s classic watches vegan-friendly

Mondaine has introduced grape leather straps to the Classic Collection, with no increase in cost

Mondaine watch with vegan leather watch strap
(Image credit: Mondaine)

Mondaine has made its Classic Collection of watches vegan-friendly, with grape leather straps that remain at the same price point and stay faithful to the distinctive and classic watch design aesthetic established in 1986.

‘We wanted to work with a partner who could supply us with the best possible quality and, just as important, a partner with the right certification, references, and documentation,’ says Mondaine senior vice president Thomas Nedergaard. ‘It was important to work with a partner that cares as much about the environment as we do.’

Mondaine vegan watch straps are a sustainable option

Mondaine watches with vegan leather straps

(Image credit: Mondaine)

The partnership with Italian manufacturer Vegea carefully considers the look and feel of the original straps through an intricate upcycling process. Waste from wine production – including the stems, seeds and skins of grapes – is converted into soft, comfortable and vegan accessories.

‘We have worked with sustainable materials and recycling since the 1980s and are constantly testing new materials,’ Nedergaard adds. ‘It is in the DNA of our company to look for new and more sustainable materials. We wanted to make absolutely sure that we could live up to our Swiss-made quality standards and have therefore spent extra time on quality tests of new alternative materials to ensure this is the case. We are delighted to have launched our first vegan grape leather strap on our Classic Collection, with plans to roll out sustainable strap options across the full Mondaine range.’

Mondaine watch with vegan leather strap

(Image credit: Mondaine)

For now, the vegan watch straps in black or brown and with distinctive red lining can be worn with a variety of different case sizes and with either the brushed or polished stainless steel. 

‘There are a lot of different alternatives to cow leather,’ Nedergaard says. ‘Our biggest challenge was to find the best and most durable alternative. We have carried out numerous tests in Swiss laboratories to find the best material. Most important – it is cruelty-free. Secondly, it turns out to be more robust than cow leather. It doesn’t make a difference in our production process, and that is exactly the point we want to make. We can use better and more sustainable materials at no extra cost for the consumer or the supplier.’

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