Discover Label Noir’s reimagined watches and table clocks

Label Noir, now available at Dover Street Market, personalises familiar watch models

Personalised table clock in shape of racing car, by Label Noir
L’Epée 1839 Time Fast D8, a table clock personalised by Label Noir
(Image credit: Label Noir)

Watchmaking personalisation specialist Label Noir brings offbeat cool to a unique curation of watches and table clocks. The brand, founded by Emmanuel Curti in 2011, rethinks existing models, drawing on techniques and materials to imbue watches with a new identity.

‘The more ambitious [the project], the better!’ says Curti of his process. ‘A remodelling project is of course prepared by carefully discussing details with the client based on their budget – an important safeguard. We adapt to the client's request, sometimes the most extravagant desires, but sometimes we must redirect them and give them more feasible options.’

Label Noir: watch personalisation gets cool 

Personalised watch in black by Label Noir

Louis Erard x LN Le Regulateur

(Image credit: Label Noir)

Watch brands given the Label Noir treatment include Louis Erard, Armin Strom and Corum. A table clock by L'Epée 1839 becomes a racing car, the hours and minutes displayed on the side as its racing numbers.

‘We have encountered and overcome some amazing challenges,’ Curti adds. ‘In 2019, we accepted a technical challenge at the request of the client which was to add a tourbillon to a Rolex Milgauss model. The movement was not replaced, but the delicate assembly of the components was grafted onto the existing Rolex calibre 3131 of the watch. An incredible project and a great challenge that we couldn't refuse.’

Personalised watch in black by Label Noir

Perrelet x LN Turbine Evo

(Image credit: Label Noir)

Label Noir is now available at Dover Street Market, and Curti looks forward to it being discovered by new customers. ‘It is an incredible opportunity to be stocked at DSM and we are very happy about it. Being displayed in a store like Dover Street Market is a perfect fit for our clientele. We live in a society of ultra-customisation, which certainly resonates with the younger generation more. Just look at the success that Coca-Cola has had with its bottles with names. A watch has an almost infinite life expectancy. Why not make it a unique object?’

Clock in the form of a racing car, by Label Noir

L Epee 1839 Time Fast D8

(Image credit: Label Noir)

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