Khaite and Elhanati unite for art deco-inspired jewellery

The new 11-piece jewellery collection from Khaite and Elhanati casts striking geometric patterns in 24ct gold-coated silver

woman wearing art-deco-inspired gold jewellery by. Khaite and Elhanati
(Image credit: Khaite x Elhanati)

American style meets Danish design in the second collaboration between Khaite and Elhanati, with 11 limited-edition jewellery pieces encapsulating the geometric design codes of both brands.

‘Khaite and I have a similar approach to handcraft,’ says Elhanati founder, jewellery designer Orit Elhanati. ‘Cate's [Holstein, founder of Khaite] designs are like silhouettes, they complete the woman. I am inspired by the feminine expression in her designs. My jewellery becomes a part of the bearer, something that is timeless and to keep. The bold lines and soft dust on the pieces have a unique balance, something that embraces both Cate’s and my approach to craftsmanship and beauty.’

art deco-inspired belt


(Image credit: Khaite x Elhanati)

The first necklaces to result from the partnership – including a pendant, a choker and lariat styles – join a bracelet, hair jewellery and earrings. The pieces, in 24ct gold-coated silver, are studded with polished black spinels in a modern update on a classic art deco aesthetic, marrying hypnotising patterns with textured forms. 

‘We continued building on the art deco feeling, with the gold dust, adding in larger statement pieces and more subtle everyday jewellery,’ Elhanati adds. ‘The choker necklace and bracelet have an empowering feeling to them, and when wearing the pieces they have a decadent look, like miniature sculptures.’

Both designers share an appreciation of the art deco period, capturing the timelessness of the design in jewellery rife with romantic references. 

Gold art deco style gold hair clip with black spinels, by Khaite and Elhanati

Large hair clip

(Image credit: Khaite x Elhanati)

Says Elhanati: ‘The black spinels take me back to the starry skies, they sparkle in a special way. The texture with gold dust is rich and provides this very special vintage look. The way we work, the dust is very special, it’s very fine and subtle, so we had to get this balance just right. As Cate and I are separated by oceans, the approach to getting the perfect balance was only possible through ongoing letters to ensure each piece embraces Elhanati x Khaite essence. 

‘We both come from a place where the handcraft is the essence of what we create. The sexiness, the mystique, the woman’s form, the way you can play with small adjustments to enhance the expression through garments and materials. We are both very true to our own creativity and this is what you can see in all of the pieces from the collection.’

Gold art deco-inspired earrings by Khaite x Elhanati


(Image credit: Khaite x Elhanati)

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