Kasun rethinks the signet ring with a smile

Kasun’s ‘Smile! It’s your birthday’ collection incorporates gemstones and a unique quirky grin for each piece

Kasun gold signet ring with diamond smile
(Image credit: Kasun)

'Don’t worry, be happy!' may be easier said than done at times, but wearing a smile on your finger can only help. For Kasun creative director Kasun Ekanayake, it was a feeling he was keen to capture with his new ‘Smile! It’s your birthday’ necklace and ring collection. 

‘Birthdays are a time where most people like to reflect back on the year before and think about the year ahead,' he says. ‘I just wanted to create a collection that celebrates positive thoughts and gives a gentle reminder to have fun, don’t worry too much, and be grateful for what you have achieved so far.’

This happy-go-lucky spirit is captured in the off-beat setting of the brilliant and baguette diamonds, which adds a playful element to these sophisticated stones. 

Kasun’s smiling signet rings

Kasun gold signet ring with diamond smile

(Image credit: Kasun)

Inspired by the Japanese practice of kintsugi (highlighting imperfections), Ekanayake wanted to emphasise that nothing is beyond repair, or has to stay broken. ‘We can pick ourselves up, and glue ourselves together with the golden threads of self-love, and grow stronger than before,' he adds. 

The off-centre placing of the stones on the quirky smiles celebrates a cheeky imperfection, a welcome contrast to the veneered world of modern life. But, it wasn't all smiles during the construction of the collection. Says Ekanayake: ’I knew I wanted to incorporate stones into the design. The sourcing and cutting of all-natural birthstones for the smile was definitely the biggest challenge; each gemstone has been specially cut for this collection.’

Reflecting on the collection, he adds, ‘Take chances, be crazy, have fun, and don’t wait!’ With an array of necklaces and rings now available, Ekanayake can grin at his completed vision – a collection that celebrates living in the present with positive thoughts and happiness.


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