Shape shifter: Hublot Big Bang watch squares up to a new silhouette

Hublot rethinks a distinctive case shape in the new Big Bang watch: Square Bang Unico All Black

black Hublot watch
Square Bang Unico All Black watch in satin-finished and polished black ceramic, £22,600, by Hublot
(Image credit: Marloes Haarmans)

With the release of the original Big Bang watch in 2005, Hublot reinvented classic watch design. Oversized, with a juxtaposition of materials and exaggerated case details, the bold watch encapsulated then-CEO Jean-Claude Biver’s philosophy of innovation. Now, Hublot is redrawing the parameters with the latest addition to the Big Bang family, the Square Bang Unico All Black, which eschews the brand’s typical round- and barrel-shaped watches in a geometrical U-turn. 

By rethinking the watch architecture as a square for the first time, the piece prompted a redesign of the structure, in order for the round movement to fit into a rectilinear case. 

The new silhouette makes a sharp foil for the familiar features that remain, with the contrasting satin-finished and polished black ceramic, and the screws on the bezel, staying faithful to the Big Bang’s distinctive aesthetic.

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