Wallpaper* gift guide: shopping with watches & jewellery editor Hannah Silver

Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. Consult this classic gifting mantra for nice and easy shopping

Dina Kamal Tube Torc necklace, a gift guide idea from Wallpaper’s Hannah Silver
Necklace by Dina Kamal
(Image credit: Courtesy of Dina Kamal)

I was once told that when gift buying for someone, you should focus on something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. As I think there is huge enjoyment to be had in clothes and books, it seems sage advice to me, and I have heeded it here in gift ideas – watches and jewellery and beyond – that span the inspirational and the aspirational.

Wallpaper* gift guide by watches & jewellery editor Hannah Silver

A luscious torc of gold and diamonds


(Image credit: Courtesy of Dina Kamal)

I am obsessed with Dina Kamal’s gorgeous jewellery designs, which celebrate both sculptural silhouettes and an elegant fluidity of movement. Her work always manages to completely rethink traditional jewellery codes, and this Tube Torc necklace is a case in point. A luscious swirl of brushed beige 18ct gold, it eschews the expected loop and instead makes a broken circle hugging the neck, its smooth edges punctuated with black diamonds.


A little library

Poor Things book, a gift guide suggestion

(Image credit: Courtesy of brand)

I am a voracious reader throughout the year, tending to my Amazon wish list as lovingly as if it were a square inch of Hackney allotment. There is genuinely nothing that would excite me more than opening a pile of books on Christmas Day – although, disclaimer, I like them to have come from my wish list, the exact editions and all, thus ruining the fun for anyone kind and thoughtful enough to surprise me with a book I’ll surely love. New, emerging, established, experimental, traditional, surreal, fact, fiction – here’s a bit of book inspo for those who love to immerse themselves too.

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A design classic

Cartier watch as gift guide suggestion

(Image credit: Courtesy of brand)

There’s a place for every style in a watch wardrobe in my opinion, from the overblown to the minimalist, big brands to the small. But when it comes to a wish list piece, classic is the way to go. The Tank Louis Cartier has been an horological staple since it was created in 1917, its distinctive silhouette taking its cues from the proportions of First World War tanks on the battlefield. Since then, it has been rethought in multiple iterations, but this traditional combination of yellow gold and dark grey alligator skin is too delicious to resist.   


A shimmering single earring

gold earring

(Image credit: Sansoeurs)

Spanish jewellery brand Sansoeurs has nailed offbeat elegance. In its diamond rings, precious stones teeter on the crest of undulating golden bands, or create speckled, asymmetrical patterns. In this earring, a diamond cradles the curve of an articulated bangle. Slender and understated, its neat proportions make it a cool and casual choice.


A suit for all seasons

Suit as gift idea

(Image credit: Courtesy of brand)

A good, oversized suit means you can look presentable and be comfortable simultaneously, and one of the brands making this work most effectively is The Frankie Shop. Everything about this suit – the chocolate brown colour, relaxed fit and peak lapels – makes it a wardrobe staple. 


Hannah Silver is the Art, Culture, Watches & Jewellery Editor of Wallpaper*. Since joining in 2019, she has overseen offbeat design trends and in-depth profiles, and written extensively across the worlds of culture and luxury. She enjoys meeting artists and designers, viewing exhibitions and conducting interviews on her frequent travels.