Perfect your ear curation: piercing tips from an expert

Piercing tips from a fine jewellery brand’s expert, including where on the ear to get pierced

illustrating piercing tips, side of woman's face with multiple earrings in ear
(Image credit: Lark & Berry)

We all want a perfectly curated ear, but the more piercings you have, the more there is to consider. Luckily, piercers these days wield so much more than a gun, and come armed with a host of tips on how to style your multiple piercings, with a focus on aesthetics as well as comfort, particularly among design-led piercing shops.

Here, in a fuss-free piercing tips guide, we explore the how, the what and the where to get pierced.

Piercing tip 1: choose a style

side of woman's face with multiple earrings in ear

Royal Baguette Diamond, £190 from Lark & Berry

(Image credit: Lark & Berry)

Lark & Berry head piercer Svetlana Hristova: I take immense pride in offering a unique and personalised ear styling experience to my clients. What sets my service apart is my ability to curate new looks tailored to each individual's style and preferences. Whether it's creating big and bold statements or delicate and subtle designs, I have the expertise to bring my clients' visions to life. I find immense satisfaction in seeing the joy on their faces when they look in the mirror and witness their brand new, beautiful, and sparkling fine jewellery pieces. It's not just about piercing; it's about the art of ear styling and the transformation it brings to people.

Piercing tip 2: relax

side of woman's face with multiple earrings in ear

Royal Heiress Diamond Stud, £425 from Lark & Berry

(Image credit: Lark & Berry)

SH: Putting my customers at ease is a top priority for me. I understand that getting a piercing can be a nerve-wracking experience for some, so I make sure to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. I do this by reminding them that this is meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience. I take the time to listen to their preferences, answer any questions or concerns they may have, and ensure they have a clear understanding of the process. Throughout the procedure, I maintain a relaxed and friendly demeanour, offering reassurance and support. Additionally, I prioritise safety and hygiene, which further eases their minds, knowing that they are in capable hands.

Piercing tip 3: find the right person

side of woman's face with multiple earrings in ear

Veto Blossom Diamond Stud, £425 from Lark & Berry

(Image credit: Lark & Berry)

SH: Successful piercings require a combination of skill, attention to detail, and a customer-centric approach. Being an experienced piercer is crucial. It's essential to know the anatomy of the ear and have a deep understanding of various piercing techniques. This knowledge ensures that the piercing is done in the correct place to avoid complications.

Effective communication is key – the customer wants someone to listen to their and concerns, and to provide clear explanations.

Piercers should use sterile equipment and maintain a clean workspace, following strict hygiene protocols to prevent infections and complications.

Expect a range of options, from big and bold to delicate and subtle, and ask for expert advice on what will work best. Aftercare is also key, and contributes to a successful healing process and ensures the longevity of the jewellery.

Where to get pierced

The lobe

Due to its lack of cartilage, the lobe is a classic option for both a first and multiple piercings. Mix it up by choosing a higher or lower lobe placement.

The conch

The conch, the middle section of your ear, looks great with a hoop that wraps around both the inside and outside. As this area is composed of cartilage, piercing here requires a longer healing time.

The tragus

Positioned above your lobe, the tragus on the side of your face feels hard to the touch. On this smooth strip of skin, a minimalist diamond will make an impact.

The daith

The daith is found in the inner fold above your ear canal. Wear a studded hoop here, worn angled forwards to reveal the precious stone.

The helix

One of the more common placements for a piercing, the upper cartilage of the helix comes to life when stacked with a row of hoops.

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