Ear curation: how to style multiple ear piercings

Whether it’s hoops, studs or dangly earrings, multiple ear piercings can look chic with a couple of styling tips

Ear with hoops and stud earrings all the way up it
(Image credit: robinsonpelham.com)

More is most definitely more when it comes to multiple ear piercings, and an ear full of sparkling earrings will add a frisson to any look. With such a wide choice of ear jewellery available, though, a maximalist look can quickly become a little chaotic.

Luckily, jewellery brands are on hand to provide simple styling tips for those who can’t stay away from the piercer’s needle. British jewellery designers Robinson Pelham is one jewellery company who, after working closely with their customers, have spotted a gap in the market for those customers bewildered by too much choice.

Gold lizard earring with emeralds going up the back

(Image credit: robinsonpelham.com)

Gold mini hoops with rainbow precious gems going round them

(Image credit: robinsonpelham.com)

The brand has an extensive ear menu, offering hoops, studs and EarWishes – removable pieces which can be dangled from any hoop - in rainbows of brightly coloured gems. Since the launch of their EarWish collection in 2015, the brand noticed customers were keen to get guidance on how to style them. ‘We can help them gain an understanding of how to wear it all,’ says Vanessa Chilton, one of the three founders of Robinson Pelham. ‘They learn how it can be versatile and how to have fun putting it all together. Our earrings adorn the face. They can brighten any look. We have been dealing with customers for 25 years and we bring experience to issues such as skin tone, ear shape, piercing positions and confidence.’

While she points out there are no rules on how you wear your earrings, she can offer tips on how to make the most of each piece, increasing visibility and comfort. ‘Earrings look best layered going up the ear, with larger things hanging from the standard lobe. Layer with alternate wide and then long charms ( if hanging from hoops). Then as the fleshy part of the ear starts running out we recommend wearing studs here. We recommend wearing our orb cuff hoops on the orbital section of the ear which requires no piercing.’ During an ear curation session with a customer, she will offer suggestions as to which piece looks best where. ‘Studs look great worn in the snug and flat and hoops can look great on the helix,’ she adds. ‘We have four different sized hoops to choose from so there is something for everyone. You can create two completely different looks by moving your collection of earrings around the ear. It is all about versatility and we always show our customers how to achieve this.’

Gold hot air ballon covered with precious gems to hang from an earring

(Image credit: robinsonpelham.com)

Gold dinosaur with emeralds on its spikes

(Image credit: robinsonpelham.com)

Small gold watermelon earring studded with pink and green precious stones

(Image credit: robinsonpelham.com)


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