Alighieri marks ten years with ten jewellery classics

Ten Alighieri jewellery classics make a special collection for the brand on its anniversary

Alighieri jewellery in woman's plait, against bare back. Right, Alighieri rings on fingers
Left, ‘Over-Thinker’ hair tie. Right, ‘Bombe’ and ‘In Vino Veritas’ rings
(Image credit: Alighieri)

For Rosh Mahtani, founder of jewellery brand Alighieri, the company’s tenth anniversary is a significant milestone – a chance to pause and look back, celebrate everything the brand has achieved so far, and cement core values.

Alighieri jewellery

‘Armour Unlocked’ screw bangle

(Image credit: Alighieri)

‘Over the last ten years, there have been certain pieces that have held such very deep sentiments for me; as soon as I look at them, I'm immediately transported back to where I was when I created them, how I felt, what I was going through,’ she tells us. 

Mahtani has translated this emotion into a collection of ten pieces that encapsulate the brand. ‘This anthology feels like a capsule of memories for me: ten classics – objects that have defined the last decade of Alighieri.’

The designs include the ‘Armour Unlocked’ screw bangle, and the ‘Spellbinding Amphora’ necklace, created as Mahtani poured wax over a stone during a meeting. In the ‘Infernal Storm’ earrings, the imperfections of baroque pearls take centre stage, while a flawed swirl of gold makes for a romantic accessory in the ‘Over-Thinker‘ hair tie.

stone mask with earrings

‘Infernal Storm’ earrings

(Image credit: Alighieri)

‘‘The Classics” celebrate Alighieri’s founding ethos: to create timeless modern heirlooms, inviting you to unlock your own story,’ Mahtani adds. ‘From the “Infernal Storm” pearl earrings (a story of lust and love) to the “Over-Thinker” hair tie (a statement of courage in the midst of self-doubt), each of these pieces encapsulates human emotions, whilst also being forever styles to carry on your adventures.’


‘Tent’Ancora’ necklace

(Image credit: Alighieri)

The collection intertwines literary references with more personal nods, with the selected jewellery representing key turning points for Mahtani, who found an acceptance of failure in their offbeat, asymmetrical forms.

‘It was really difficult to narrow down ten years of work to only ten objects. But it was also such a wonderful way to look back over the last decade: remembering all the stories we’ve been told by our clients – how they carried these talismans through such seminal moments in their lives.’

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