Tom Wood and Röyksopp’s new jewellery collection is music to our ears

Tom Wood and music duo Röyksopp have collaborated on jewellery collection, Cage

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Song lyrics take on a tangibility in the collaboration between jewellery brand Tom Wood and music duo Röyksopp, who draw on both their shared Norwegian heritage and friendship for a graphic new jewellery collection.

The pieces stay faithful to Tom Wood’s sculptural rethink of classic jewellery pieces, with the Cage collection made up of signet rings, chunky band rings and wrist cuffs. Jewellery, in recycled 925 sterling silver and recycled 9k gold, takes inspiration from the band’s ‘Profound Mysteries’ music project.

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‘I got the chance to listen to all the amazing new music quite early in the process and it intrigued me a lot,’ says Tom Wood creative director and founder, Mona Jensen. ‘The three band rings are inspired by the three albums and the trefoil symbol that follows the ‘Profound Mysteries’ project. The duality in some of the soft vocals next to the sound of Röyksopp made me think of flesh and metal melted together, as envisioned in our campaign material. The playfulness based on the chubby band rings you can slide into the open faced signet ring change the look totally, and the way you can move the Cage ring around on the finger to make new looks are dimensions giving the collection a distinct uniqueness and innovation just like Röyksopp’s music.’

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‘It was surprisingly refreshing to interpret our lyrics this way,’ the music duo add. ‘We’re used to being in control of all aspects of what we do as Röyksopp, from writing and mixing to producing to the final artwork and videos. So getting someone else (Tom Wood) to interpret our lyrics feels somewhat liberating and wonderful. Tom Wood was given total freedom in shaping this collection, based on our new three-part album, ‘Profound Mysteries’. We have exchanged ideas throughout the process, but this collection could only have been created by the visionaries at Tom Wood.’

The jewellery cuts clean silhouettes, drawing simple shapes in thick loops of metal. ‘The collection feels pure, and not too noisy or flashy,’ Röyksopp say. ‘And I also like that the rings are modular. Being very pretentious, we like to think that our music is somewhat ‘modular’ and/or ambiguous; there are things to be discovered within the music, depending on what you are seeking or listening for. So just like the rings, the perception of our music can be altered to fit your needs.’

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