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The subtle seduction of luxury has a lot to do with its scarcity,’ says Patrick Grant proprietor of Savile Row tailor Norton & Son and creative director of its little brother label E Tautz. ‘Once something becomes too ubiquitous, it loses its cachet.’ Savile Row suits, with their bespoke production techniques and small distribution runs, are, by definition, he says, luxurious.

To this end Norton & Sons uses only English cloths, as Grant believes they’re the best available. With a team of cutters making just 200 or so suits a year, Norton’s designs are ‘made in a slower, more considered, and therefore more expensive way. The end result is flattering and highly seductive.’

Grant bought Norton & Sons eight years ago, after seeing an ad, ‘Bespoke Tailor for Sale’, in The Financial Times. Its successful revamp is down to his unique ability to mix traditional and modern sensibilities. His collections are inspired by everything from West Indian ‘Sunday best’, Scottishness and kitsch religious icons to London’s multicultural mix. ‘It’s all in the detail,’ he says. ‘The edge of a pocket square, bright red socks. It’s about making a statement.’