Nadine Ghosn’s playful jewellery designs pop up in Mayfair

In a pop-up until 30 October 2022, and in line with the Nadine Ghosn’s collaboration with Frieze London 2022, Matchesfashion is showcasing three of her playful jewellery collections

six rings against a white background
Stackable ’Veggie Burger Ring’
(Image credit: courtesy Nadine Ghosn Fine Jeweller)

Nadine Ghosn's jewellery designs toe the line between playful and high-end luxury, with a repertoire featuring diamond-studded earphones and edamame pods coated in tsavorite. For this crystalline partnership, Ghosn will be showcasing three key collections – ‘Vie Collection’, ‘Too Cool 4 School’ and ‘Building Blocks’ – at Matchesfashion’s Mayfair Townhouse and online. 

As well as the extravagant pieces on display with Matchesfashion, Ghosn has designed the wristband for Freize 91 members attending Frieze London 2022. The band takes inspiration from the ‘Too Cool 4 School’ collection, in particular the whimsical ‘Pencil Bracelet’ (with a diamond-studded ‘nib’). ‘Like art, jewellery captures moments in time, stories and creative expression,’ says Ghosn, and for her, the collaboration with Frieze was a moment to ‘highlight the diversity and creativity celebrated throughout’ the arts festival.

Stackable high jewellery burger rings

'Veggie Burger Ring'

(Image credit: courtesy Nadine Ghosn Fine Jeweller)

Ghosn explains how she mulls over concepts: ‘I spend a significant amount of time studying the process until the final product truly aligns with what I envisioned.’ This attention to detail is apparent in both the physical forms and the premise of her pieces. The ‘Bic Bracelet’ and ‘Paper Clip Sautoir’ induce school-day nostalgia, and together with the ‘Bling Mac’ stacking rings (paradoxically, in collaboration with McDonald's) and solid gold bracelet reminiscent of a bike chain are everyday items that Ghosn has celebrated through high-end jewellery. 

Similarly, the ‘Building Blocks’ collection nods to square toy blocks; the signet-style rings and a solid quartz or diamond encrusted ring are chunky and tongue-in-cheek. It’s easy to imagine that Ghosn sees the world through diamond-lensed glasses – adding layers of decadence to ordinary objects as she sees fit and ‘challenging the boundaries of what is expected in the jewellery world’, as she puts it.

paper clip bracelet

Paper Clip Bracelet'

(Image credit: courtesy Nadine Ghosn Fine Jeweller)

quartz ring shaped like lego block

'The Bare Block Ring' in white quartz.

(Image credit: courtesy Nadine Ghosn Fine Jeweller)


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