Kloto’s fusion of mixed metals unites the contemporary with the classic

Klotos’s jewellery in mixed metals cuts seamless silhouettes

Silver and gold jewellery
(Image credit: kloto.com)

‘I enjoy creating forms that transform and come alive when you put them on,’ says founder of Kloto, Senem Gençoğlu, on her fluid jewellery pieces. ‘I wanted to convey an emotion, a state of mind with the forms. A feeling of ease, being at peace and letting everything flow. Each design came from a slow process of carving and sculpting metal. This therapeutic and meditative way of creation is mirrored in the final product.’

It is a relaxed philosophy carried through to the jewellery, which encompasses sensual forms of sculpted metal. In cuffs, earrings and necklaces, mixed metals add a contemporary edge to designs that loop seamlessly around the wrist, hugging the curve of the lobe and tracing the contours of the collarbone.

Silver and gold earrings

(Image credit: kloto.com)

‘The Moment earrings twist around your ear in a way that gives the illusion of two earrings, even though you’re only wearing one,’ Gençoğlu adds. ‘The idea was designing a layered earring look without having to get more piercings. Although I love designing and wearing earrings, ironically I have allergies, and getting more piercings is terrifying to me. Because I come from an industrial design background, I saw this as an opportunity for problem-solving.’

In this new collection, she experimented with fusing together silver and gold to ensure a seamless transition between the two juxtaposed precious metals. ‘With each collection I try to bring a new approach to Kloto’s design language. This time, it was about finding a new realm of ergonomic and sensual forms. I must say that creating a chain within this newform world was the most exciting and most challenging at the same time. A chain design requires a little bit of artful engineering with its modular nature. Achieving a natural and easy flowing effect and staying away from a mechanical look required many revisions to get it right.’

Gold and diamond hoop earrings

(Image credit: kloto.com)

Gold and silver cuff

(Image credit: kloto.com)

Gold and silver necklace

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