Hello 1990s! Chokers are back and this jewellery classic is more modern than ever

Chokers in pearls, textured brass and precious gems are putting a contemporary spin on a jewellery classic

Woman wearing pearl choker
(Image credit: Anita Berisha)

Chokers have gained a bad reputation since their 1990s heyday, but there’s something about their snug and sensual forms which hold us captivated – plus, their prominent placement makes them a great Zoom accessory. With a host of new jewellers creating cool and contemporary pieces, now’s your second chance to get in on the trend.

Choose from these captivating chokers

Justine Clenquet

Silver and gold choker, among best contemporary chokers

(Image credit: justineclenquet.com)

Insouciant French design is epitomised in Justine Clenquet’s ‘Pixie’ choker, which plays with mixed metals and contrasting links for a cool-girl take on a classic. Designed and made in France, this choker features an easily adjustable link that means it can also be worn as a more relaxed necklace, as the mood takes you.


Parel Parel

Pearl choker

(Image credit: parelparel.com)

A loop of irregular pearls and moonstones brings a playful warmth to the snug silhouette of a choker in this ‘Paradiso Perduto’ piece from Parel Parel. Wear with an oversized gold chain for a vintage play on contrasts.



Black velvet Dior choker

(Image credit: cudoni.com)

Embrace the retro vibes of a choker with a vintage retailer. Cudoni’s resale philosophy puts the focus on sustainability, and uncovers some true classics in the process. We love the sensual vibes of this Dior velvet ‘J’Adior’ choker.


Anita Berisha

Pearl choker

(Image credit: anitaberisha.com)

Anita Berisha sets irregularly shaped freshwater keshi pearls on to a silk thread in this pearl choker, which hugs the contours of the neck, bringing a sensuality to a neglected jewellery silhouette.


Alina Abegg

Pastel jewellery on gold choker

(Image credit: alinaabegg.com)

Fine jewellery is fun in the hands of Alina Abegg who brings a sweetness to jewellery design. The ‘Candy Girl’ choker rethinks retro chokers of sweets strung onto elastic. In yellow gold and gemstones in sorbet shades, this makes for a very grown-up nostalgia hit.


Ruby Jack

Gold choker

(Image credit: rubyjack.com)

Chokers don’t have to be ostentatious, and a simple drawn form can make an impact. Ruby Jack encapsulates perfect simplicity with the ‘Labyrinth’ necklace, which sketches a broken circle in textured brass.


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