Dior’s new high jewellery collection is coming up roses

The Dior Rose collection pays homage to Christian Dior’s favourite flower

Dior diamond watch with a pink diamond flower, and ring in different colour diamonds
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Victoire de Castellane, artistic director of Dior Joaillerie, frequently draws inspiration from the history of the maison for her joyful high jewellery. Christian Dior’s favourite flower, the rose, is a recurring motif; referencing his childhood rose garden in Granville, Normandy, de Castellane has in the past tended to both its sentimental and romantic associations. Now, a decade after her fragrant Le Bal des Roses collection, the rose again becomes a focal point in new high jewellery collection Dior Rose.

Different coloured precious stones on rose earrings

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Green earrings with diamonds on the stems

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De Castellane brings her love of vivid colour and bold design cues to these new high jewellery pieces, which are defined by a plethora of rainbow-coloured gems. The petals of one rose are drawn in Zambian emeralds and opals, another in warm South Sea pearls, while the heart of the flower is a bold tsavorite garnet here or a pink spinel there. A play on the intricacies of shades and cuts runs throughout the collection, reflected in the meticulous gradient of hues framing a Colombian emerald and juxtaposed oval and cushion-cut Sri Lankan sapphires, bringing a rich texture to the high jewellery rose garden.

With its colour and sculptural forms, the collection rethinks the traditional aesthetic of high jewellery. De Castellane says: ‘Unlike the romantic and realistic RoseDior, the Dior Rose flower mutates and displays some surprising changes in its natural state, characterised by four sub-chapters, from the most figurative to the most abstract, with a detour via the futuristic style.’ Her plays with colours and the fine variations between them make pieces appear almost pixelated, intertwining the romance of the rose with a sharp modernity.

‘Since I arrived at Dior, I have found inspiration in the identities of Dior,’ she adds. ‘I developed the house themes: the garden, the grand balls, and couture. Nevertheless the themes that inspire my collections are just a starting point and I mix them with my own inspirations.’

Red diamond necklace

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Dior red precious stones in different cuts ring

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Dior emerald and diamond flower earrings

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