‘Our pieces are marked by a purity of line, a precision of form and precious details,’ says Arnaud Carrez, head of international marketing and communications, Cartier International, on the new campaign devoted to the maison’s iconic designs. ‘We wanted to celebrate them all together and show what they have in common.’

Cartier is shining the spotlight on classic collections from the last century, with the Santos, Tank, Trinity, Love, Juste Un Clou, Panthère and Ballon Bleu all celebrated as a lesson in lasting design.

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The pieces are significant in acting as cultural markers, their designs reflecting the mood of the generation in which they were created. ‘It’s quite difficult to date a Cartier watch,’ Carrez adds. ‘Look at the Tank, dating from the beginning of the twentieth century, which is equally as contemporary as today’s version. First and foremost we respect our dynamic heritage, constantly enriching it by expanding it and pushing boundaries. We ensure all our creations transcend time. It is a challenge to reinvent and reinterpret a new collection – sometimes we say it is more challenging than creating a new design.’

A Cartier design is characterised by its simple lines and plays on geometry, seen in the gentle curve of the Love bracelet or in the depth of the Santos case. Stringent proportions ensure a piece is comfortable to wear. ‘Our pieces cater to all generations,’ says Carrez. ‘In the current climate, they can bring reassurance.’

Alongside the classic collections, Cartier will be releasing a new limited edition Tank Cintrée, three years after its relaunch (pictured below). §

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cartier watch