Add a saucy spruce to your Christmas tree this year with Anissa Kermiche’s cheeky baubles. After last year’s voluptuous ornaments, the jewellery designer’s annual unveiling of her festive new pieces is fast becoming our favourite sign that the holidays are right around the corner.

‘The new baubles are a direct translation of my existing jewellery collection,’ says Kermiche of the ‘Body Language’ baubles trio. ‘I tend to humanise everything and I picture the Christmas tree like a person that also needs jewellery. That’s why I just increased the format of my body-shaped pendants and turned them into ceramic to adorn trees as if they were ladies.’

Jewellery-inspired baubles by Anissa Kermiche

gold ornaments

‘The Lovely Rubies Boobies’, ‘Précieux Pubis’ and ‘Pit Power’ decorations are crafted from earthenware and finished in hand-painted gold in a sensual alternative to tinsel. ‘My designs are quite festive by nature,’ Kermiche adds. ‘They have been imagined to draw a smile on people’s faces and trigger a discussion. Translating my aesthetic to the festive theme just came naturally; the shape of a Christmas bauble speaks to me as I work a lot around spheric forms (pearls, breast, curvaceous lines of a female body). Coming up with “Boobles” was just so fun to think about and give birth to. I don’t think I have ever seen “Pornaments” before and I hope they will make familes laugh a little more at Christmas.’

This year, the Paris-born, UK-based jewellery designer is planning a well-deserved break for the holidays. What is she most looking forward to? ‘Spending time with my family,’ she tells us. ‘Like most people who have moved to another country, visiting my family in France became really tricky in the past year and a half, so I am looking forward to being in Paris, unplugging from work and having a cosy time with my baby nieces. Having kids around has reinjected a dose of magic into Christmas and we are a family of women only! It will be me, my mum, my sister and her two babies. If Santa doesn’t wear a skirt I don’t think he will be welcome.’ §