Alex Eagle and Kimaï bring a cool edge to lab-grown diamonds

Alex Eagle and Kimaï unveil a seven-piece jewellery collection in 18ct gold and lab-grown diamonds

woman wearing gold and diamond jewellery by Alex Eagle x Kimaï
(Image credit: Alex Eagle x Kimaï)

Lab-grown diamonds are given a cool edge in the hands of designer Alex Eagle and jewellery brand Kimaï, who have partnered on a seven-piece jewellery collection. The new earrings, necklaces and rings in 18ct gold and lab-grown diamonds cut chunky silhouettes, subverting the traditionally delicate forms of fine jewellery.

For designer and curator Alex Eagle, the collection marks her first venture into working with lab-grown diamonds. ‘I was surprised by how uncompromised they are in look and feel,’ she says. They make a chic foil for the playful design codes of the jewellery itself, which translate functional snap hooks into a key design element and set the lab-grown diamonds on cylinders that spin, imbuing the pieces with a teasing tactility.

woman wearing gold earring by Alex Eagle x Kimaï

(Image credit: Alex Eagle x Kimaï)

‘I am constantly thinking about twists of classics, things that work all day every day and add a little pizazz and work with everything,’ Eagle adds. ‘Little flashes of discreet, chic fun that can be worn from day to evening seamlessly, and can be worn several different ways.’

The jewellery is open to interpretation – effortlessly, bracelets can become necklaces; earrings linked together become statement drops; rings worn on chains make for personal pendants. ‘They are easy and fun to wear. Simple yet playful,’ says Eagle of the pieces.

Working with Kimaï on the collection was a natural step for her. ‘I wanted to work with Kimaï on this collection because [founders] Jessica [Warch] and Sidney [Neuhaus] have such a cool, calm and relaxed attitude whilst being so professional and such perfectionists. This combination, and a shared aesthetic, made collaborating such a pleasure. They are such specialists in their field and make things to such high quality.’

‘We loved handing over the reins of our atelier to Alex, giving her the creative control to design her dream collection,’ Warch adds. ‘This is our first design collaboration and we couldn’t think of anyone better, or more fun, to work with.’

woman wearing gold jewellery by Alex Eagle x Kimaï

(Image credit: Alex Eagle x Kimaï)


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