The oldest museum in Singapore dates back to 1849. Originally a small section of the Singapore Institution and known as ‘the Raffles Library and Museum’, it moved to permanent premises on Stamford Road in 1887. Following its latest restoration, completed in 2006, this grand establishment is now split up into two main galleries: the Singapore History Gallery charts the city-state’s evolution from its 14th-century beginnings as the Malay kingdom of Singapura through to the modern day; the more contemporary Singapore Living Galleries focus on food, fashion, film and photography. Don’t miss Singapore artist Suzann Victor’s installation Wings of a Rich Manoeuvre on permanent display high above the bridge linking the museum’s original 19th-century colonial building with its modern glass wing. Eight kinetic chandeliers made of stainless steel, studded with a sparkling array of precision-cut Swarovski crystals and accentuated by LED light ‘sing’ with movement as they sway in an airborne choreography of light. §