Wallpaper* & Bentley: more than meets the eye

Wallpaper* & Bentley: more than meets the eye

Bentley is renowned for going to extraordinary lengths in order to achieve excellence, or in the case of its latest project, extraordinary heights.

From the soaring towers of Dubai, Bentley has captured the world’s most detailed landscape image using a panoramic ‘Gigapixel’ camera. Suspended 264 metres off one of Dubai’s tallest buildings, the camera withstood the Emirate’s hazy 40-degree heat and 15 mph winds to capture 1,825 individual frames. Painstakingly stitched together with careful attention paid to light balance, the result is a 57.7 billion-pixel panorama, which is so wide, it even shows the curvature of the earth.

From among Dubai’s swirling network of highways, turquoise waters and glittering glass towers, eagle-eyed viewers will just about be able to pick out a Bentley Flying Spur W12 S parked within Dubai’s luxury marina. However, zoom in, and there is no mistaking. Using NASA-derived technology, the ‘Gigapixel’ camera’s powerful lens allows viewers to get so close that they can inspect its famous winged bonnet badge in sharp focus.

A testament to Bentley’s attention to detail, the intricate process took no less than 48 hours to create. The amount of time that Bentley has invested in perfecting this single image is impressive, but coming from the British marque that thinks nothing of dedicating 130 man-hours to the build of a single Flying Spur, perhaps it’s not so surprising.

Just like the photograph it features in, the Flying Spur W12 S is full of extraordinary detail and hidden delights. Designed with both the driver and passenger in mind, Bentley describe the W12 S derivative as ‘a luxury sedan for those who wish to be chauffeured, as well as those who choose to drive’. Beneath its bonnet lies a mighty 6.0-litre, twin-turbo W12 engine with enhanced power (635 PS) and torque (820 Nm) outputs. To match the impressive power upgrades, Bentley saw fit to install a new responsive suspension tune to improve handling and provide even more traction.

In terms of appearance, all of the hallmarks of traditional Bentley styling are here but are accompanied by some subtle sporting updates; sharp feature lines complement muscular rear haunches, while LED daytime running lights, subtle blackware elements and a choice of stylish alloy wheels lend it a contemporary, athletic character.

In a new 360-degree film featuring John Paul Gregory, Bentley’s Head of Exterior Design, the Flying Spur W12 S reveals itself to possess an altogether darker and more assertive character than its stablemates.  In the film viewers can further explore the Flying Spur W12 S’s sleek detailing, from the new gloss-black rear bumper to the new black ‘S’ on the W12 S badge. For Bentley the devil has always been in the detail.

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