Asian hipsters have long flocked to Taiwan for its unbeatable combination of jaw-dropping scenery, culture, retail therapy and addictive food culture -- something the West has only belatedly come to appreciate. And good timing, too, as Wallpaper* recently pitched up in this gem of an island for Operation: Taiwan Revealed.
The mission: to capture, in images, Taiwan's many-splendoured charms, and to document the incredible pool of talent that's claiming the region's cultural and artistic high ground.
Over the course of two diary-busting weeks, our crack team of writers, stylists and photographers scoured the island.
We talked to established architects and uncovered up-and-coming talent who are reshaping Taipei's skyline. We stepped out with a master of modern dance. We dined on an incredible array of street-food and nosed around the kitchens of a new generation of chefs who are blending Western techniques with Taiwan's culinary traditions.
And to work it all off, we took to the road on stylish two-wheelers for a grand tour of the island's Eden-esque panorama of gorges, pristine forests and mist-shrouded mountains.
The results of our caper can be found in a special supplement to the Wallpaper* June issue of which some 30-odd images are previewed exclusively here on
It's safe to say that we've just found our new favourite holiday bolt-hole.