Responsible for some of the most innovative hotels to grace both sides of the Atlantic - including the St Martins Lane, the Shore Club and Clift - theMorgans Hotel Group has a long and illustrious history in the business, and, as such, their latest Boston opening, the Ames, looks set to stick with tradition.
Designed by the Rockwell Group in collaboration with Morgans’ extensive design team, the Ames has taken Boston’s charming muddle of the historic and the contemporary as its cue. Situated within the gentrified surrounds of the 19th century Ames building, the high-gloss achromatic interior stands in marked contrast to the soaring stucoed facade.
Intricate embellishments are to be found dotted around the public spaces, including a monolithic chandelier - constructed from more than thousands of reflective discs whirling hypnotically from the mosaiced ceiling of the lobby.
Up in the 113 guest rooms and things groan with dense Bostonian luxury. Blacks, Mahoganies, grays and creams dominate, featuring sparse modernist stylings and context appropriate fittings, such as black chrome light fixtures in the style of 19th century whale-oil lamps.
Back downstairs and the Ames’ bar-restaurant concept, The Woodward, continues the simplistic style of the rooms above - that is aside from the giant, glass covered cabinet of curiosities straddling the space.
The 9th floor apartment however, is the ultimate cherry on the Ames cake. With sprawling views over the honeyed Boston skyline the apartment is the epitome of interior luxury, featuring vintage velvet furnishings, a chrome four poster bed and a white feather drum chandelier.