SALT of Palmar — Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

SALT of Palmar hotel sea view, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius
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With admirable stealth, the LUX* group is creating a covetable cache of eye-catching resorts in far-flung spots around the world, its latest opus landing in Mauritius’s east coast as the 59-room SALT of Palmar.

A riad-style complex of buildings on Palmar beach designed in 2005 by local architect Maurice Giraud has been vividly reimagined by the designers Camille Walala and Julia Jomaa, and architect John-François Adams as an homage to the vibrant colours and patterns of the island.

The interiors pop with black and white slashes, bold geometric lines, and accents of deep blues, teal and yellows – the extroverted mood-board just balanced by textures of locally sourced rattan, basket weave and pottery, the calmer hues of green palms, and that blue sea and sky for which Mauritius is so justly famed.

The diversions are endless, ranging from Wednesday and Friday market tours at the local Flacq market, organic barley risotto paired with deer shoulder braised in red wine, and croquettes of local river shrimps and fried parsley, to daily yoga and meditation, photography tours at dawn, and hiking. You’ll find us at the spa picking out, aptly, a salt-based therapy. 

SALT of Palmar hotel spa, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

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SALT of Palmar hotel living room, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

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Camille Walala and Julia Jomaa interior design at SALT of Palmar hotel, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

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SALT of Palmar swimming pool, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

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SALT of Palmar hotel restaurant, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

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SALT of Palmar hotel guestroom, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

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SALT of Palmar hotel bathroom, Quatre Cocos, Mauritius

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