Gordó — Córdoba, Argentina

Gordó — Córdoba, Argentina

Located in the bohemian district of Güemes, close to the city’s historic downtown area, Córdoba’s newest restaurant unfolds inside a pair of transformed shipping containers. The ground floor houses a compact wine shop with a curated selection of local boutique brands, while the higher floor is reserved for the restaurant, which serves up updated Argentine classics, courtesy of chief Daniel Alejandro Mercado. 

Dividing the restaurant into intimate sections with glass walls, local designer Guillermo Cacciavillani smartly blended the spaces with a seamless black and white colour palette and custom orange and grey iron chairs. But while one section is sleek and calm, with polished concrete floors and terracotta potted plants, the other area is frenetic mishmash of beehive-tiled flooring, Pac-Man-inspired wall designs and dramatic ceiling murals by Simon Busolari, depicting Dionysian scenes. ‘I created a fanciful concept combining an extremely austere composition generated by the containers with a fantastic journey,’ explains Cacciavillani. ’We wanted to convey the feeling of being invited to dinner to a bon vivant´s home.’

And in contrast to the intended grandeur of the room, the food - served in simple pots and pans - aims to highlight the simple pleasures of eating.’ Suddenly pretensions collapse and there is only room for enjoyment,’ says Cacciavillani, whose goal is to entice a wider clientele. We suggest tucking into the braised ribs, along with a Palacio Rinaldi, a killer cocktail of Havana, Cynar, almond syrup and grapefruit juice.

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