Living Vehicle scales down its high-end travel trailer to create a true mobile home from home

The Living Vehicle HD24 is the ultimate compact camping machine, a fully equipped trailer with a spacious interior, full solar power and exceptional attention to detail

Living Vehicle HD24 Travel Trailer
(Image credit: Matt Wier / Living Vehicle)

We’re longstanding admirers of Living Vehicle and its unique take on the traditional travel trailer. The California-based company neatly dovetails the requirements of the digital nomad with the romance of high-end van lifer, creating off-grid trailers that function as fully fledged remote creative studio.

Living Vehicle HD24 Travel Trailer in nature

(Image credit: Matt Wier / Living Vehicle)

The new HD24 model is the latest product from the team, founded and led by Matthew and Joanna Hofmann in 2017. As the name suggests, the new trailer is 24ft long, compared with the 30ft length of the flagship HD30. That hasn’t diminished the company’s ability to eke the most out of the available space, however.

Living Vehicle HD24 Travel Trailer under tree

(Image credit: Matt Wier / Living Vehicle)

As before, the HD24 makes full use of an expansive folding rooftop solar array (that doubles as a canopy) and batteries to provide an all-electric solution for heating, hot water, ventilation and cooking. There’s even an onboard water filter. 

Living Vehicle HD24 Travel Trailer kitchen

(Image credit: Matt Wier / Living Vehicle)

As a compact, self-contained but high-tech and mobile version of the tiny house, the HD24 can’t be beaten, and there are a number of different ways to configure each floorplan, from the Creative Studio in the HD30, to a ‘King Bedroom Suite’. A double bed drops down from the ceiling, while the banquette below converts into another twin. Further accommodation can be specified in the form of a bunk room instead of a study. 

Living Vehicle HD24 Travel Trailer beds

(Image credit: Matt Wier / Living Vehicle)

Matthew Hofmann describes the accommodation as akin to ‘experiencing a high-end yacht, [yet it’s] designed for land-based expeditions and journeys’. Every conceivable storage opportunity is maximised, with the HD24’s silvery skin replete with hatches and windows. Living Vehicle’s signature fold-down balcony is also present and correct, turning every pitch into a room with a view. 

Living Vehicle HD24 Travel Trailer interior

(Image credit: Matt Wier / Living Vehicle)

With a more compact and manoeuvrable footprint than its larger sibling, the HD24 is pitched at those with a long-term road trip planned, or even with a large tract of land they want to head out into for a spot of luxurious solitude. 

Living Vehicle HD Series, from $299,995,

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