Lavoie Series 1 e-scooter is a premium machine shaped by supercars and motorsports

The first product of McLaren Applied’s new premium mobility brand, the Lavoie Series 1 folding electric scooter is designed for urban commutes: can it outperform its rivals?

LAVOIE Series 1 e-scooter
(Image credit: LAVOIE)

This is the debut product from Lavoie, a new mobility brand set up by McLaren Applied, the technology and research arm of the British luxury sports car manufacturer, responsible in part for developing the constant stream of innovation required for Formula 1 racing.

Lavoie Series 1 folding electric scooter

LAVOIE Series 1 e-scooter folded up

(Image credit: LAVOIE)

The parity between an e-scooter and an F1 car might be hard to parse, but Lavoie has been set up to bring performance, quality, and simplicity to a crowded marketplace. E-scooters still exist in a legislative grey area across much of the world, and there’s a jumble of brands and services offering devices to buy and rent. How does the Lavoie Series 1 stand out?

LAVOIE Series 1 e-scooter from above

(Image credit: LAVOIE)

The company claims the machine is built to ‘supercar standards’, with key elements such as the folding mechanism given particular attention so that it works seamlessly time and time again. This ‘Flowfold’ hinge collapses the entire scooter down into a portable size with a single button push, and the magnesium-framed machine weighs 16.5kg, making it suitably portable for train rides and stashing securely off the streets.

LAVOIE Series 1 e-scooter handlebars with halo light

(Image credit: LAVOIE)

Other premium aspects of the design include a bespoke app for navigation and security, with integrated lights and indicators, including a ‘halo’ at the front to show the road ahead. Former Jaguar design chief Ian Callum has also been tapped to create the Series 1’s colour schemes and will stay on hand to help shape future Lavoie projects.

LAVOIE Series 1 e-scooter on display surrounded by lights

(Image credit: LAVOIE)

Two hours of charging should give you enough range for 31 miles of riding, plenty for a few days of urban commuting. Prices and other details will be revealed shortly, as will the rest of the Lavoie range of premium micro-mobility projects.

LAVOIE Series 1 e-scooter on black background

(Image credit: LAVOIE)

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