Aehra Sedan breaks cover: low, sleek and engineered for range and comfort

The forthcoming Aehra Sedan builds upon the Italian brand’s proposed SUV to complete a line-up of supercar-inspired EVs

Aehra Sedan
(Image credit: AEHRA)

When we previewed the 2025 Aehra SUV back at the start of 2023, it was clear the Italian start-up was intent on doing things differently. Under chief design officer Filippo Perini, Aehra’s SUV departed from the boxy, upright symbolism of the traditional sport utility vehicle, in favour of a more low-slung, sporting crossover form. 

Aehra Sedan: teardrop-shaped with clamshell doors

Red Aehra Sedan beside lake with mountain backdrop

(Image credit: AEHRA)

It's safe to say that the sedan is hewn very close to that original design language, perhaps even a little bit too close. Essentially a low-riding version of the SUV, it follows the same teardrop-shaped aerodynamic principles, with a clutch of clamshell doors and a spacious, screen-wrapped interior. 

Aehra Sedan with four clamshell doors open

(Image credit: AEHRA)

The key differences are at the front and rear, with a lower nose and no air intakes flanking the headlight at the front, and a cleaner rear end that terminates the long flowing line that runs the length of car, nose to tail.  

Aehra Sedan front side

(Image credit: AEHRA)

Both SUV and sedan sit on the same platform, with a battery developed with Austrian company Miba Battery Systems and a target range of 800km. As with the SUV, the lower portions of the exterior house the ducting and aerodynamics, leaving the flanks, glasshouse and roof to be as pure and unadorned as possible.   

Aehra Sedan close-up

(Image credit: AEHRA)

Aehra is making much of both cars’ affinity with centuries of Italian creativity, in particular ‘the pursuit of the perfection of proportion’. It’s true that the designs are the polar opposite of busy surfacing and the angular, baroque forms that define modernity in other quarters. 

Aehra Sedan interior view of steering wheel and dash

(Image credit: AEHRA)

The sedan has a similar interior layout to the higher-riding SUV, with a full-width dashboard screen and oval, yoke-style steering wheel. Cameras and screens replace rear-view mirrors. Delivery of the first Aehra models has now been pushed back to 2026, but we’ll keep you posted on the evolution and engineering behind these promising automotive outliers. 

Aehra Sedan beside lake

(Image credit: AEHRA)

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