Water’s edge: our pick of the most stylish and sustainable filters

Modern water filters
Left: Mineral Filter by Céline Gabathuler; £960; www.celinegabathuler.com. Right: EM Water Filter Jug by Erik Magnussen; €29.95; www.stelton.com
(Image credit: Erik Magnussen and Céline Gabathuler)

Water filters are not only looking more presentable these days, they’re also shaping up to be more sustainable, with focus shifting to the purifying properties of natural resources such as charcoal and stone. We are picking out our favourites, as seen in our May 2015 issue (W* 194).

Brands like Black+Blum and Kor water have been putting a modern spin on the 17th century Japanese tradition of charcoal water filtration, while keeping their designs clean and fresh. Black+Blum’s neatly sized bottle made from hand-blown glass contains binchotan active charcoal that mineralises the water and balances pH. Kor’s coffee filter style model ’Water Fall’ has a detachable carafe from the filter, keeping the process and consuming separate. The filter is made from natural coconut shell and is said to last twice as long normal filters.

For a more colourful approach to water filtration: Stelton’s EM Water Filter Jug combines the Erik Magnussen-designed jug with a smoke, aqua and azure hued ’vacuum jug’ within.

This season, Soma launched a new version of its minimalist pitchers. Big enough to purify ten cups in one go, the sleek pitcher uses catalytic coconut shell carbon, removing chlorine, balancing the pH level and adding minerals. The shatterproof frame is BPA-free plastic and the wood for the handle equally sustainably sourced Oregon White Oak.

Meanwhile, Céline Gabathuler has been exploring the uses of mineral-rich stone. Her filter, crafted from Valser quartzite mined from the Vals springs in Switzerland, releases vital minerals such as magnesium and calcium into the water when it is left to rest overnight, which ultimately boosts healthy digestion and bone strength. The design of the piece keeps in theme with a shapely carved stone bottle; a small silver spout allowing a slow pour, during which the water is further disinfected.

Innovative water filters

As seen in the May 2015 issue (W*194), we pick out the most innovative water filters that are not only looking more presentable, but are shaping up to be more sustainable. 

(Image credit: Baker Evans)

Water has been poured to glass

'Eau Carafe' carafe by black+blum from Selfridges; £36; www.selfridges.com

(Image credit: press)

Water experiment in lab

Left: 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher by Soma, from Target; $39.99; www.target.com. Right: Waterfall filter and carafe by KOR Water; $85;  www.korwater.com

(Image credit: press)
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