The world is not enough: Aston Martin reveals DB9 GT Bond Edition

The world is not enough: Aston Martin reveals DB9 GT Bond Edition

Some high profile celebrity hook-ups look suspiciously like marriages of convenience, beneficial for a time but not necessarily hand in hand for ever. We’re happy to report that one evergreen partnership remains highly convincing, with both parties effusively happy to maintain their togetherness. We’re thinking, of course, of Aston Martin and James Bond, a match made in brand extension heaven. For the first time, Bond will shortly be stepping into an entirely bespoke creation, the Aston Martin DB10, built specifically for Spectre at Sam Mendes’ request. That car won’t be available to buy, but it foreshadows an all-new machine lurking in the wings for a curtain call some time in 2016.

Right now, however, aficionados of both the British marque and film series are best served with this run-out edition of the evergreen DB9. The DB9 GT Bond Edition is the ultimate film tie-in (no Corgi toys here); a limited edition of 150 examples of the most quintessential Aston Martin to date, in its most potent ’GT’ specification no less. The new additions are subtle, in the best stealth tradition, but include unique Spectre Silver paint and sterling silver Aston Martin wings, along with discrete ’007 Bond Edition’ badges (more important to some customers than others).

The DB9 has been in production for 12 years, a pretty lengthy innings for any modern car, let alone one which sets out to be one of the best-looking and best-performing grand tourers on the market. Rivals come and go, and if you’re strictly concerned with the stats, then the DB9 is surpassed by many of its peers. However, busy yourself with looks, style and grace, and there really isn’t anything comparable. The basic shape has been lightly refined over the years but it’s still – for our money – the most beautiful sports car you can buy.

It helps that Aston Martin’s detail design, craftsmanship and general overall ambience have always been top of the tree. Occasionally the technology and ergonomics have lagged slightly behind, but drivers simply don’t care, such is the pleasurable sensation of just sitting in the car, let alone actually driving it. Like its forebears, the DB9 GT is about swift transportation in sumptuous surroundings, rather than all-out screaming around corners. The international man of mystery theme is continued with the addition of a bespoke Globe-Trotter case and the almost casual inclusion of an Omega Seamaster, you-know-who’s timepiece of choice.  It’s a pricey piece of memorabilia, to be sure, but action figures were never this much fun.

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